Upward comparison

Welcome to a Brazen Wolfe Tabletop random thought post tonight.

It’s not news to me that I procrastinate on my hobby, I recognise this and can tell when I do so. One of the many factors, which is most apparent to me tonight is upwards comparing myself to others in my hobby circle, particularly warhammer where a few members in my group have won local painting competitions, been features in the Games Workshop article’s for their painting as well as winning actual tournaments in Australia.

Now I consider myself a decent tactician and general. I generally have a positive win rate and make my opponents really fight to take the win from me but when it comes to painting I find myself incomparable with my gaming peers.

To be completely overt, I started painting miniatures in 2017 (poorly, base colours only, no layers or shades or highlights..) and have worked up to paint some miniatures I am actually Proud and happy to call my own work, but looking at the sea of unpainted miniatures, knowing what I want them to look like and also seeing what my friends can accomplish with the same size model, same tools and same amount of time I get dissuaded very quickly even if I can stand on equal (well equal enough) grounds with them on the battlefield.

Well this year I want that to change, I hope to kick-start my painting journey with the help of some absolutely fantastic painters this year where I hope they will be able to teach an old Wolfe new tricks. For me being able to look at a piece of art work, because thats the level of painting I consider my friends at, and be inspired instead of being dissuaded will be my biggest hurdle this year.. that and 200 skaven rats (or a certain lord of gluttony from Slaanesh I want to paint and paint well this year).

So my goal is to ramp up my painting and when I finish a model use the weekend posts to upload what I have accomplished, with the help and guidance of some very talented hobbyists locally.

This is currently what I could consider the best model(s) I have painted to have as a benchmark. Each I probably sunk half a day on to get to this state.

Stay tuned for updates in the future.

Don’t forget, as always, to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe