The priest of the Red Fleet

Welcome to NPC Tuesday where I hope we can meet a new NPC that I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to approach when I can up with the concept for this adventure, and you will see why soon.

Today we meet Lee Ping, the Red fleets resident priest and wise man who works with Kyoko to make sure the people of the Red fleet are successful and safe. He is older than what he appears and more than what he lets be revealed but he is a genuine soul who cares immensely for life and the spirits that guide and help us. So let’s look into his little cabin and introduce him properly with, what I can do for now, a placeholder image (created in the ever-useful heroforge!)

Lee Ping


Lee moved through the murky, dim lit room as if he had lived here all his life. His quick and nimble limbs allowed him to effortlessly swing from beam to beam on the low ceiling to avoid some of the piles of books, papers, scrolls and ingredients for his alchemy as if he was walking on the ground. Stepping down in front of a large cauldron he began to sprinkle in powdered silver, wormwood, wolfs bane and several mushrooms as he began to rhythmically chant which causes a blue flame to bubble into life under the cauldron.

“Oh I must not forget the Maelroot leaf.” He said to himself as he whirled around to go to a pile of boxes that contained the foul smelling herb. As he turned though his long furred tail knocking off a vial of liquid from the bench. His quick reflexes kicked in and his right foot shot out and grabbed onto the bottle. The tail he had considered removing many times, ever since he lost the use of it in his youth from a disease that only now he fully understood – but it was too late for it. His feet though were a completely different story, the opposable big toe able to grip onto items, walls, rope or in this case, bottles as if they were a second set of hands. Grinning he passed the bottle to his right hand and placed it back on the bench before heading towards the box labelled Maelroot.

A knock at the door and a burst of light from the outside broke him out of his merry tune and he practically jumped onto the roof – his hands and feet gripping onto the worn wood held him close to the recesses in the ceiling.

A voice, several voices called out for him, the smell of fish, soot and a sour scent that only came from the people of Daye meant that he was caught out without his mask. As the people moved into the room he quietly crept along the ceiling to where heft his mask and red robe, the items that his people must wear at all times until it was deemed safe to reveal their true form. His simian features evident in the morning light he tried to keep to the shadows, his large nose proved useful in detecting small traces of what kind of people had visited his tent; adventurers, warriors and the sort of people that would only seek him out if they had been told to do so, or they thought his skills could be useful which meant either Hurane or Kyoko had sent them his way. Dropping to the floor quietly using his hands and feet to buffer this drop he quickly placed his head on and pulled his robe over the rest of his body to hide the abundant fur that grew thickly in patches on his arms, torso and face.

Standing straight he walked across the floor behind the party just as they reached his cauldron that was bubbling with the reagents within. Noticing the silvery bubbles and slightly green smoke coming from the pot he hobbled forward and grabbed the leaf that was missing. “Excuse me you lot, I must get this leaf in there so it doesn’t explode and cover you all with a green soot that taints your skin” he said as he pushed through the party – shorter than the people on average but about the same height of the dwarf and built like an elf, his kind were a folk of varied size depending on what part of the content they came from.

Now the monkey-folk, ape-folk and the like are a homebrew race that many people have done already but I must admit I enjoy creating new things rather than using someone else’s pre-existing template. Lee Ping and many of the masked traders, sailors and merchants are all from this beast-folk that have traits and aspects of monkeys. A long dexterous tail that has saved many of their kind from falling (and functions like a belt when needed!), strong feet with opposable toes that function like hands and keen senses that has come through form their bestial features which has kept them safe from the horrors that wander their homeland.

I picture these people as nimble and wise, not the most common of folk but found in most towns in small family units that pride themselves on their generosity and keen mind for trade and business. Not being shy from combat if required they tend to be more calculating than aggressive and know when to strike to best affect where the safety of themselves and those around them comes first.

Lee Ping in this case (yeah it’s not the best of the names I have given an NPC, but not the worst!) is a shaman or wise man – aging a bit slower than normal humans he has spent a long time understanding the world through the eyes of an alchemist so that he can better protect and aid people who are found deserving. Lee in this adventure will be able to use the freshly concocted brew to bless the weapons, for some time, so that they can prevent them from the creatures that are found on his homeland and now stalking the streets of Daye. Yeah, creatures.. But more on that later.

Tonight’s writeup was bit longer than last night but it flowed a bit more, I think that because the last few days, weeks…, that I have been writing the Red Fleet adventures I have been working up to this moment where I introduce some of the aspects that truly hooked me as an.. eleven year old boy staying in a hotel in Melbourne one Christmas. Back then the race was called the Vanara (or maybe the Hengeyokai monkey-hybrid) and for me that book was a font of inspiration but sadly, despite owning the book and adoring it I never actually got to play a campaign with it… But by creating one here on Brazen Wolfe Tabletop maybe other people can fulfil that long regret I have by playing through the adventure I create and letting me know how it goes. Let’s see if anyone manages to play this campaign setting that I am creating at the moment.

As with last nights post, let me know if you like this format, a bit of a story, a bit of a technical breakdown (where applicable) and the few smaller parts of an adventure that should take people through a few hours of play time, depending on the group of course, that work to build up to an adventure a month – or so. This is I believe the sustainable pace for me and what I have seen similar content creators doing so it should relieve a bit of time pressures on my end as work picks up as the year continues.

Don’t forget to let me know if you play through any of this content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage!
The Brazen Wolfe