Waning moon heralds the dark

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at twists, turns and changes in direction of the adventure. This week there isn’t a huge amount that we would want to shift as we are wrapping up the adventure with the Red Fleet setting anchor in Daye.

So to still make use of the adventure I think I will touch on something that I would be adding on Friday. So sit back, have a cup of tea (or coffee – my preferred liquid) and enjoy.

Dark wind


As Kyoko stepped onto the deck of the ship belonging to the Ren family she noticed the harshly burnt and damaged wood above the doors and windows. As she walked towards the door a fishing harpoon sprung from where it lay and barely missed her as a throwing blade deflected it off course. Looking backwards at the masked and robed form of Takeo and the armoured form of her friend Hurane she nodded thanks to both for having her back.

“It looks like my teacher was correct. The family would have had to let the Gaki spirit take possession willingly. This whole ship seems to have been desecrated in order to allow the spirt free reign” Takeo said as he smacked a lantern that flew towards his had to the ground.

“There is no sign of the family here. They must be elsewhere, likely continuing to do as they please to sate their desire and the Gaki’s hunger.” Hurane said, sticking his head through the door only to duck out quickly as the sound of knives on a wooden door thudded from where he was standing.

Cursing Kyoko lead Takeo and Hurane off the boat and watched as the moving objects stopped. “We will need to prepare the adventures before they come back” she said as she turned to head back to her boat only to be met by a pair of glowing eyes as several people grabbed them and a sharp smelling rag was forced across their faces.

So the disappearance of key NPCs when they are needed and maybe a note left on a table with poorly chosen words such as “Ren family” could see the adventures walking into a trap consisting of a family fully enthralled by the Gaki spirit and its energy having accumulated so much in a short period of time that its affecting the objects in the ship that it calls its home, for now, which can then a medium level encounter into something much more challenging.

Well that’s it for tonight, short sharp and too the point for our secondary plot hook and twist. The safe return of the Captain and her compatriots as well as the purification of the gaki spirit being in the cards this week.

Don’t forget to let me know if you have any feedback on the format or the adventure itself as I really do want to hear from my awesome readers their thoughts!

And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe