Favoured of the city

Welcome to Tuesday where the common theme is NPC and interactions with the party.

Tonight I want to touch on something that may have happened ‘off screen’ after the night where the party assisted the priestess of Chauntea escape the Gaki.

Of the cloth


As the sun rose and Lizbet returned to her chambers at the temple she carried a large wooden box covered in foreign silver runes that meet to form a complex pattern at the seams where box meet lid.

Placing the box down she took off the charming necklace that she had been presented with and placed it in the box as instructed. She longingly touched the beautiful object which she could sense granted her additional power to help those who were stuck or needed help. With a sigh she closed the lid and strode off to the washing chambers to try and relax after her night turned into a nightmare.

As the warm water ran down her shoulders she remembered the kind adventures that had risked their life to get her to safety. Perhaps they could help this town once more.

Pondering the other predicament she was facing, she walked back to her chambers she didn’t notice skittering of claws on stone as something watched her move across the wooden flood and through the stone archway to her chambers. Closing the door behind her she didn’t care to check when it didn’t latch properly as she was that tired. Sitting down at the end of her bed she closed her eyes and began the mental exercises to pray to Chauntea to ask for guidance and replenish her allocation of divine spells.

The aura she gave off was enticing and the creature knew that she had some power but the locked silver box intrigued it more. Perhaps it could persuade the human to trade, perhaps not as the asking price would need to be much more. Thinking on what this human could possibly want it sat down in the corner of the wall and watched as a channel of energy flower between the weave and the girl. Humans of this continent were interesting things, he may grow to like it here afterall.

Thats it for tonight, a bit of a NPC write-up a bit of a plot write-up fot a future session. Needless to say there is content there for us to explore and expand upon while I work in the background to collate the Red Fleet and Gaki Adventure.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe