A welcome distraction

Welcome to Wednesday where we look ay plot twists, secondary hooks or bumps in the road where we may place a side path along the road to the end goal for our players.

Tonight I wanted to touch on last nights post, the Priestess having a problem that she wants the party to help with. This may be a simple quest or something that will take the party away for quite some time.

Errand for a Priestess


Priestess Lizbet sat in the corner of the inn dressed plainly with none of the formality or elegance that she commonly wore when om official duty. She sighed in relief and swirled the ale around in the tankard almost reminiscing what life was like before she came into this position.

A group of people sat down at her table dressed much like her and familiar to her in some degree. “Hello adventures, I am relieved and gladdened that you came to meet me at such unexpected notice. I have a proposition for you. I have had ‘mother’, reveal to me another priestess of Chauntea that is more powerful than the current.” She stared at the adventures, so far they had played along and were pretending that she wasn’t the priestess. “This new priestess will be a great addition to the sisterhood here in Daye but she needs persuasion and I believe that you may be able to do such.”

“I believe she is about a day and a half north, there is a small community in the hills. She wouldn’t be too far out of adolescence but I don’t know much more than that.”

“If you can help me I may have another request of you that will undoubtedly be in both of our interests and I can provide some gold for this request upon completion” she says, unable to fully disguise who she is due to the way she speaks.

The party look amongst each other but there is a glint in their eyes that she finds promising to furthering the remedy to her predicament.

The idea of this one is straight forward, a side “retrieve / fetch” quest to keep the party busy but also work towards Lizbets goal. She, despite liking the luxury and opulence of her role, dislikes being in the spotlight and the focus from the town of Daye.

She believes if she can find someone else to fulfill the role then maybe she could go back to worshipping her deity and helping the community without the celebrity status.

Thanks for joining me to look at a side quest for the party.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always don’t forget to roll with advantage,

The Brazen Wolfe