The town of Daye

So for a long time I have spent my d&d adventures in my own homebrew world’s complete with factions and city states fighting for power and big continent shattering bad guys. Its not since Neverwinter nights (fabulous pc game) that I ever ventured forth through Faerun until Daye.



Daye is a small town situated on the river Esmel and being a direct river into Amn it gets a lot of traffic. This is where we see the party visiting. It gets almost all of its income from the river through fishing, farming or trade with people travelling further into Amn.

Being part of Amn they are well off and frequently a port of call for tired travellers bringing wealth into the state. A lot of inns and stout but comfortable houses can be found in Daye with the inns being more well built and suitable for travelling merchants.

Amn not allowing arcane magic outside of their brotherhood means that most forms of magic or supplies for magic may be harder to find but Daye’s priesthood to Chauntea seem to have an exception to the rule.

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To the south of Athkatla and to the west of Purskul the small port town is a blip in the scheme of things having a few thousand residents including those who spend their time working the fertile soils.

Well thats all we have today. Working with the Faerun map is strange but beneficial with thr established governments, history and geography of the lands already being well cemented.

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