Snow Stalkers

Hello all and welcome to Friday night (fightnight as I like to think of it!). Tonight we have a few small encounters that I want to run as part of the sudden change in weather that we had in last nights part of the adventure.

As last months adventure components didn’t have much in the terms of combat out side of the gaki this week I want to delve into a bit more combat to highlight the oddity at the sudden change in the weather. So this week lets explore creatures that may call the sudden frigid temperatures home and look at how we can include them in our adventure.

Death delivered on white wings


As the wind and snow picked up and the party realised that they were becoming increasingly lost each moment they spent in the snowstorm. The snow and wind distorted noise and the area was blanketed in a dull roar of sound as the weather raged on. Such was the noise from the wind and snow and the bright white of the falling ice that no one noticed the flurry of white wings in the sky nor the whistle of wind through feathers or the cries of alarms as the beasts sank talons into shoulders, armour and bone.

Now not usually a pack hunter but a group of three or four of these for a part of 3-4 level 1 or level 2 players should be sufficient enough to pose a threat without being too overwhelming. Considering the white snow (heavy precipitation) strong wind and environment the owls will approach silently (+4 stealth, party has disadvantage on perception checks for sight and hearing) and with their surprising strength (13) they can carry an impressive 195lbs of weight. Many large birds of prey when they encounter something that is a bit too hard for their talons or beak to crack will carry it high into the air and drop it. This would be the same case for these owls. Grabbing a player and attempting to lift it off the ground (I’d roll it as a grapple attempt in addition to the talon attack) before flying as high as they can with the weight before dropping the creature.

They are wise, and intelligent enough to know to retreat if they take too much damage (dropping below 7hp considering their health pools) and with the ability to do hit and run tactics with flyby if they are unable to grapple and lift off with their prey they would fly off and attempt another swoop shortly.

Ok for the second creature lets write that up.

As the snow and wind died down the party stumbled out of the trees after the owls had ambushed them amongst the branches and canopy of snow and ice covered leaves. The smell of the owls tangy blood mixed with their own and travels along the remaining wind and stained the snow as they walked.

As they walked for some time and stopped for a break finding it difficult to continue walking through the deep snow on the ground the party became acutely aware that they were being followed. As they readied the stomp of heavy footfalls and loud breathing could be heard just as a ogre being led by a brown bear appeared following their tracks.

This one is another simple one, the half-ogre and bear are following their prey and have found them. This would be balanced for a level 2 party but if it was just level 1 party members I would just have the half-ogre appear. The Ogre would release his bear before charging in after it and then it would end up being a pretty straight forward fight.

Well thats all we have, this requires the party to be out in the wilderness or at least away from the town to be effective. The plan here would be the party leaving to go to somewhere nearby (perhaps ruins, a house, The Manor on the hill where Katya lives) and getting mildly lost in a blizzard. The rest is easy. Give the party enough time to have a short rest between the combats and everything should be balanced enough.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for some more content and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe