Weather in Bracken Hollow

Hello all and welcome to another night of content here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop. Thursday is the night for additional content, extras and things that make the adventure just that little bit better.

Tonight I want to delve a bit deeper into something touched upon last night, the weather at Bracken Hollow and they are going through a bit of a cold snap at the moment. So lets have a look at the rules and guides around weather and then see how it applies to the adventure!


So the Dungeon master guide covers a few different weather conditions including extreme cold (fitting), extreme heat, strong winds and heavy precipitation.

Extreme cold requires the creature to roll a constitution saving throw (DC10) every hour they are exposed to it and if they fail they gain a level of exhaustion. However deadly this may be it can be mitigated by wearing suitable gear or having an innate ability to withstand and live in that environment (such as those accustomed to living at that temperature). Thick boots, a coat, thick shoes, a hat, scarf etc. all can prevent the affects of extreme cold as well as having cold resistance will prevent the exhaustion that those not prepared will experience.

Extreme heat requires the creature to go through their limited resources more often, water in this case, or be required to make, you guessed it, a constitution saving throw (DC5 +1 DC per hour spend out in the heat) or become gain 1 level of exhaustion after an hour of not drinking. Naturally creatures that have fire resistance can take the heat and those creatures who are acclimatised to the area will find it a walk in the part, not a walk in the desert. Wearing medium armour or heavy clothes or armour will make the creature take this saving throw at a disadvantage.

Extreme wind will impose disadvantage on ranged weapon attack rolls and Wisdom saving throws that require the creature to hear what is around them. Creatures that fly non-magically will have to land (they cant fly), gases and fog clouds will be dispersed and exposed flames and fires will be extinguished.

Extreme precipitation will hamper the vision of creatures making the area lightly obscured (disadvantage on perception checks that use sight) and heavy rain (as opposed to just snow) will also extinguish open flame and impose disadvantage on hearing checks. Ah the sound of rain on colour bond or tin roofs.

Extreme cold, wind and precipitation will be useful in this weeks adventure and I would roll for a shift in the weather every d4+3 hours, the reason why will be revealed next week, where 1 is cold but not extremely so, 2-3 is cold and rainy, 4 is rainy and extremely cold, 5 is extremely cold with snow and finally 6 is a blizzard (Extreme wind, cold and snow).

Hazards may also form under the right consequence and a selection of a few is what I would suggest at some points, to be expanded upon this weekend mind you.

Thin ice, Frigid water and slippery ice.

If the party were to find themselves crossing a lake, river or damn then all three would take affect.

Thin ice means that the ice has a weight limit per 10 ft square of 180lb (3d10*10lbs) and whenever the weight limit for an area of thin ice is met, the ice in that area breaks and all creatures on broken ice fall through. I would rule this as an immediate suffering from frigid water unless! they have resistance to cold.

Frigid water is the same as extreme cold but the creature wont have to make the saving throw until a number of minutes equal to their constitution score. Personally I would also add on disadvantage for any future extreme cold checks until they can dry themselves as it makes logical sense.

The last is slippery ice, nice, simple and comical. The creature who finds themselves on slippery ice must make a DC10 dexterity (acrobatics) check or fall prone.

All of these hazards and weather conditions will have an affect on how the party address the game. Would they spend gold on purchasing thicker clothing or gear or would they try and rough it out?

Thanks for joining me tonight for this small writeup. This weekend, and well tomorrow, I hope to expand upon these a bit more and really flesh out what it means to be caught in a small village during a snow storm looking for a deity favoured maiden.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more content and as always! Don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe