The Exiled and forgotten

Hi all and welcome to a, maybe too short, Tuesday night where we look at NPCs and how they interact with the setting. Tonight I want to look at Jung Harimasu and his families guardian dragon, Huangdi.

So without too much stalling, delaying or waffling on let’s crack on with tonight’s writeup.

The Golden Dragon – Huangdi


Huangdi curled around the large dais that was at the back of the temple that he resided in, his long scaled body curling around a statue that shared a lot of characteristics of himself. Clacking his claws on the stone floor he watched as the spirits, the ancestors of the Harimasu family, flittered around the room, sitting, talking or meditating as they attempted to guide a favourite of theirs to success, or at least prevent momentous failure. Sighing he cast his gaze the the bowl of scented oil that sat at the base of the statue and looked in it – willing the oil to show him his servant – the cursed one called Siu.

He had expected the man to be in the city looking for a way to redeem himself, in a foolish errand but one that the old dragon could not help but admire as he would do the same thing if he had been in the mans situation. What Huangdi had not expected to see was the man in his humanoid form, a gift that the gold dragon had blessed him when he had selfishly saved those who had once scorned him from an assassination attempt – the first true indication of the man’s willingness to repent. The gift however was something that he could activate very infrequently and the dragon new for sure that it was something the man treasured above all else so to see him in this form was a surprise.

What also surprised the dragon was how still and patiently he knelt in in front of a ship and one of the heiresses of the Harimasu ambition a girl called Kyoko. floating forward to wrap his long serpentine body around the oil to block the view from the others he looked more closely at what his servant was doing. It was evident that his body was shedding magic, his human form was about to expire but he seemed to be prepared to kneel there and reveal himself. Interestingly enough the man looked relieved as the vision on the viscous surface drifted up towards a group of eight humans walked forward, two blazed like the sun and, two looked ordinary enough and four walked with purpose and a surefootedness that even the dragon was impressed with. Smiling, his large golden whiskers crackling with energy he could see the plans and machinations of his servant.

Another selfless act it seemed, spending his most cherished gift to try and convince humans who owed him nothing, and more importantly those who he owned nothing to, for the sake of his family who still refuse to speak of him. It was beginning to be an interesting time, perhaps the large golden dragon wouldn’t have to fly out to meet the darkness, a sure forfeit of his life given what lay within the shadows.

Muttering a series of word, the taste of magic on his forked tongue as he willed the magic to drip through the sigil’s towards his servant a world away. Another blessing for the man, one easily taken away if the old dragon was mistaken in the true intentions of the once-mortal but just as easily extended for good behaviour.

Severing the connection to the oil his four large, clawed limbs effortlessly supporting his weight he slowly weaved his way out of the temple – he needed to think away from the noise, drama and feuding of the family he had looked over for centuries and wished, not for the first time this century, that his master had not gone to fight the darkness by herself.

Siu Harimasu

And a bonus picture of Siu in human form

And that’s it!

Thanks for joining me tonight, I do love writing about such fantastical creatures as dragons, their insight, power, forethought and general awesomeness makes it for an easy writeup that makes it hard to actually stop writing.

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