Revelation of ones nature

Hi all and welcome to the Monday writeup for Brazen Wolfe Tabletop!

Tonight we are expanding on what we ran with last week and continue to push the agenda of going on a sea based adventure. So without much intro today let’s crack into it.

Facing the truth


As the last of the healing magic coursed from her hands over the party, and Paul, Katya let go of the breath she didn’t realise she was holding thankful for Lizbet’s constant guidance on how to channel the innate connection she had with Chauntea and the divine magic that she granted her devout.

“Remember, you would have awakened to Chauntea’s blessings years earlier as she tends to pick maidens on the turn of their woman hood – something about being the goddess of fertility and bounty and selecting maidens that embody what she preaches.” Lizbet began, “She would have been granting you this power had you not had the connection clamped down upon by the dark magic those people who called themselves you family employed. All I do is teach you the word and show you the connection and you do the rest” she continued as she helped up a bewildered and amazed Katya.

Turning to the young man that called himself Siu they began to thank him but he shook his head and prostrated himself once more.

“Now I am convinced. I must be truthful to you both, I came to this land board one of the boards that sail with red flags,” Siu began.

“The Red fleet” Lizbet provided smiling and insisting the young man look upwards.

“The Red fleet, yes. I came here to save my people, my f-family.” he said, the word family being unfamiliar in his mouth – feeling like he was invoking their wrath by just speaking of them “We are in danger, a blight upon the land, a wave of darkness and rot spreads and weaves its way across the endless fields of grass and rice and along rolling hills where our livestock graze. I was sure that when I had seen you, Priestess Lizbet, that you could help me but now I am convinced that you and these heroes, warriors and mages,” he began nodding towards the party “can help if you would come back with me to my home land and help us push back the tide of darkness. We need a beacon of light to inspire the people, and the more I see your radiance the more I am convinced and so is my master.” Siu said, looking sheepishly at the last bold lie.

Confused Katya looked up at Lizbet who seemed to understand what was being asked. “You say a wave of darkness, how are you sure that I am this beacon?’ Lizbet asked lost in thought.

“I, can not say, it is a feeling. Something that I have learnt to listen to these past hundred years.” Siu said.

“You can not be more than twenty five at best!” Paul said, himself looking the same age as the man before him. “How can you be over a hundred if you aren’t an elf?”

Sighing Siu stood, feeling that their answer would come in a few hours time. “If you believe me, then you can seek me out nearest the largest of the Red fleets ships. Come at noon and I will reveal all to you – but I ask that you listen, truly listen to what I am asking before approaching further. You will have my families thanks if you can protect their northern and eastern lands. My family may not be as powerful as they were before a thief stole their source of power away, but I hope that with your aid we will stand a chance and keep our lands safe.” Siu bowed low and left, the murmurs of discussion and chatter reaching his back as he left the temple heading towards the next person he hoped to convince to assist him.

As Siu walked the streets he saw the faces of people he had watched these past weeks, and a few people that had caught a glimpse of him as he strode towards the ship with the largest sails, Captain Kyoko Harimasu’s ship and one of the last to depart to head back home. As he approached the gang plank he spotted her, and his very human heart sank in his chest. She looked like her great grandfather.

“She is a fine ship isn’t she?” Kyoko asked, looking up Siu could see that the question was directed at him.

“She is magnificent, a ship truly benefiting the Harimasu family.” he smiled, more than just a tinge of sadness crossing his face as he traced the wood with his fingers. Looking across the carving he noticed an all too familiar face carved into the bow of it – His master, Huangdi¬†the Golden dragon.

“She is a fine ship and indeed a fitting one for my family. Maybe you can assist me young man, I know every sailor and merchant that came over with me and yet I am lost for words who you are.” She began.

“I am called Siu” Siu said factually, watching a wave of curiosity cross her face “A name that runs in my family and one that, to be honest, I am not worthy of” he concluded with a grim smile.

“Siu, an interesting name. Do you have a family name then Siu?” Kyoko asked as she walked down the plank towards him, her hand also resting on the wood of her ship as much as she could.

“Not one I am allowed to be part of, unfortunately my past discretions caused me to be disowned and exiled. But, I hope to amend that so I can join my family once more and right the wrongs I caused” he said looking up at Kyoko, the same blue eyes as her great grandfather.

“Who are you?” Kyoko asked, standing but a few feet from Siu, her hand on a short sword at her waist.

“I am just man unworthy to be standing in front of a daughter of the Harimasu family and about to ask for a favour.” he began, kneeling down before her and prostrating himself – it was his place to serve his family, dead or alive. “I have found people who can save your family, I ask that I be allowed to greet them at noon, with you, by your ship and request their aid. All will be revealed at noon if you have the patience to just let me sit near this ship and patiently wait for the decision I hope will benefit not just you or your family but also Huangdi.” He said staring at her feet as she shifted her weight.

“Noon. It is not two hours until noon. For one who utters the name of my families dragon, who knows of our plight and carries a familiar name of our family I have many questions that you will answer. Do I have your oath that you will answer all questions truthfully as the sun reaches its peak?” Kyoko asked, staring down at the man who had made her feel so uncertain and uneasy with just saying one name.

“You have my oath, for what that is worth.” Siu said fully intending on keeping his oath, this time. How could he betray his cousins great granddaughter.

Thanks for reading tonight! I hope you enjoyed a little nudge in the direction I hope to take this weeks adventure as its shaping out to be a rather insightful one. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to read up on the NPCs that are present in this weeks adventure, maybe a bit more information on our exiled bestial companion as well as perhaps more…

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