Twist of fate

Welcome to Wednesday night where we explore twists and turns that will happen this week in our dnd adventure.

Tonight I want to follow-on from Monday and last night’s adventure with expanding upon Siu, his plan and the fate of the Harimasu family. So without any more waiting let’s roll on with it.

The face of benevolence


Siu watched anxiously as the adventurers and Priestess Lizbet approached the ship, seeing his cousins great granddaughter months ago when he left the shores of his homeland hadn’t been a shock since he had always tried to make sure that she was doing well but the having to confront her was something that still made him anxious, after all he never did get to make amends and reconcile with his cousin.

As they strode forward he could feel the magic leaving his body and the nails on his hands and feet started to darken and elongate into the dark and menacing claws that he had carried since the time he was transformed. Gulping and meditating to calm his nerves he looked up and smiled, trying to put on a brave face.

“I am glad that you decided to come, I believe you know Kyoko Harimasu and I have a request for both of you, for the good of our homeland.” he paused, feeling a surge of magic trickling through his body, sighing he stood slowly and outstretched his arms as a show of peace. “Unfortunately this body, as much as it is mine, is a deception. I was cursed quite some time ago by the dragon Huangdi to take a different form other than my normal due to me betraying my family.” as he spoke his body started to shift, his limbs elongating and growing a layer of dark fur. “Despite my curse I have been a servant to the dragon that changed my form and my only wish is to see their salvation from the darkness that encroaches upon their land.” A tail sprouted from the end of his spine and curled around his feet as he felt his bones shift in his face and torso – an painful and unpleasant process that dropped him to his knees.

After a few moments he stood up on his legs and felt the familiar prick of a blade on his neck. “An interesting tale. I can’t know how you know about my the issues beyond my families borders but I have heard tales of creatures of the shadows tricking my people” Kyoko said pushing the blade harder against the creatures neck and the sound of a metallic clink resonated forth.

As the sound came forth form the blade the hair on Siu’s body began to drive down off his form revealing a pale gold layer of metallic scales had covered his body, after a moment a few patches of fur remained around his joints, neck and the tip of his tale but a layer of draconic scales had taken up residence over his body. After a moment of shock Kyoko’s blade retreated from Siu’s neck and the scrape of it returning to its sheath could be heard. “Golden dragon scales. It is as you say, you are the servant of the gold dragon.” When Siu looked back at his cousins descendant he could see the wonder and confusion on her face.

“I am not sure why I look like this – but will you help me in pushing back the darkness?”

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