Way of the Serpent

Hi all and welcome to Thursday night where we look at extra’s, maps and other things that we can add to our adventure to give it that little bit more.

Tonight I wanted to expand upon something that I had drafted out in the Serpent temple in a previous post, but wanted to focus and do a deep dive on the “how” to get into the temple itself and what it requires.

So without getting too much into it before the hand-drawn diagrams of the contraption let’s roll on with tonight’s write-up!



When the party enter the temple they are greeted by an imposing snake statue that is ten feet tall and the intricately carved serpent coils around a large dark stone that is positioned against the far wall. As the party approach the serpent statue a dank, warm draft comes from behind the statue where, upon investigating the party can see stairs leading into the darkness beyond and below.

Closer inspection into the serpent statue itself reveals deep, purposely crafted recessions into the statue itself leading up the carving of the snake towards the top where the gaping jaw of the hissing snake reveals two large white carved stone fangs that drip an ichor.

Looking around the room they are in they notice a scuff mark on the stone to the right of the statue that look as if a large, heavy stone object had recently and often prior moved across the roughly carved stone slabs that formed the floor of the room.

Large engravings in a foreign and abrasive language are carved into the door frame amongst images of slithering snakes and to read the words aloud gives the party a deeply unsettled feeling within. There is a single phrase that is readable in common “Serpents gift” that is repeated at different parts in the symbols.

The intention of this room is for the party to investigate the stone statue and uncover the puzzle – to be bitten by the serpent will bestow its gift and allow the worth to pass through.

The groves (as seen in the second drawing) are steps up towards the fang – investigation or high perception will reveal worn groves that looks like shoes, and blood in these recessions as if someone who was bleeding used them as a hand or foot hold.

The fangs themselves (the image of the serpents gaping jaw) are dripping an ichor that will inflict the poisoned status against any who take the poison into their blood stream. The statue itself just needs blood applied to the fangs which will absorb some of the blood and the snake will momentarily come alive and shift to the right, dragging the heavy black stone along with it and revealing the pathway down into the temple itself.

The language is abyssal and will read “the faithful, anointed by the serpents venom will be blessed by the serpents gift and will be welcomed as one of the faithful” – Serpents gift is also written in common beneath it as if translated once before.

Thanks for joining me tonight, to look at the additional content that we have to expand our adventure this week. If you like the content, or, like the hand drawn aspect of this weeks content please let me know so I can continue to work on my long forgotten drawing skills – it has been quite a while.

Don’t forget to come back the next few days for more Brazen Wolfe Tabletop content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe