Hopping mad

Hi all and let me start off with saying, the title, not my greatest moment I know but for a Thursday post where we look at adding extra material to this weeks adventure I think the title is fitting!

Now instead of making a carbon-copy of the already established frog like race, the Bullywug, I have adjusted them slightly to reflect the differences in creatures between Faerun and Ryokughan.

Peaceful marsh dwellers


The Toad-kin, a Ryokughan Bullywug (more or less) is thought to have originated from a toad of such age that the spirits and ancestral beings blessed it and its kind to join the humanoid races.

The creatures were preyed upon by the more predatorial and vicious of the humanoid races but they walked with elves and spirits and learnt how to interact with the world. They learnt of nature, the importance of life and the value in all creatures as well as how light was the source of all life.

Then the Oni came down from the mountains and started to enslave and butcher the toad-kin. The elves and spirits disappeared to push back against he Oni and other forces that were rallying against the peaceful races. When the toad-kin thought all hope was lost and their numbers had dwindled down to a point where it was unlikely they could recover a shadow crept into their midst and promised them power enough to fight back against their aggressors for the same of a taint upon their kind. They accepted, with hesitation at the time but as the magic and power flooded through their kind they cherished they power that came with the taint. The next day the Oni were no where to be found, the toad-kin never had to use their powers and they began to rebuild their society with the ones most blessed by the shadow taking rulership over their kind and ruling the swamps and jungles.

The Toad-kin

The toad-kin by itself is unimpressive. Small (about 3ft tall) but fast and nimble it uses its large powerful legs to hop around the marsh to catch food and forage. Servants and cowards they serve their chief with total loyalty and only their superstitious nature will overrule the orders and commands that is barked at them.

Toad-kin Chief

The chief of a clan of toad-kin is larger than most, broad chested, heavy and brutal. Blessed by the taint they received by the shadow they bully lesser toad-kin into doing what they want using their size and powerful bodies to get their way and keep control over their people.

Still somewhat superstitious they look for signs that align to their plans and are quick to point out bad omens that would put their plan or right to rule in favour.

These toad-kin are only second to the largest of their kind and take orders from only them. These large toad-kin chiefs emerge from the dank, dark, murky waters of the marsh and jungles to launch raids and attacks on other races for the betterment of themselves.

Now that we have some rules we can have a go at coming up with some encounters tomorrow night!

So don’t forget to come back the fight night tomorrow night, hopefully some more hobby progress and the end of week write-up this weekend. If you are enjoying what you read here and haven’t subscribed don’t hesitate, its a great way to make sure you don’t miss a single update from here and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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  1. sopantooth April 8, 2022 / 6:56 am

    I like this version better than any of frog-people in RPGs so far