Marshland Marauders

Hi all and welcome to fight night! It nay be Friday night for normal people but for us here at Brazen Wolfe Tabletop we know it to promise encounters, puzzles and other goodness.

Now there’s a saying in Ryokughan that the dragon holds a ember of fire in it’s cheek incase the night is long… No, not really, but still the message is always keep something in reserve and today I have just that!

War Chief


While the Toad-kin are a peaceful those particularly blessed by the shadow grow to large intimidating sizes, the smallest at which being the size of the largest of a faerun orc, and with their size comes a hunger for violence and destruction.

Whilst violent and destructive these war chiefs of the toad-kin are cunning, calculating and meticulous in their planning utilising and commanding great throngs of lesser toad-kin usually by bulling and intimidating the clan chiefs and eating the smaller toads who defy them. True servants to the shadow these creatures have forgotten the way of their people, the worship of light, life and nature and seek only the glorification of themselves and the gratification of brutality.

The war chief toad-kin occasionally reaches large size, gaining a thicker hide, mightier constitution and more cunning after surviving so long. These Large ogre sized creatures are rare but extremely powerful and should be feared due to the sheer volume of clans that they bully into service.

In this encounter lets assume that our party of 4 have all reached level 5, I think that would be fitting for being this far in the adventure-year.

That is a lot of critters and yes it does say deadly, but if we break it down into how these creatures fight then it will make more sense.

These creatures will send through the foot soldiers, the humble toad-kin, first before the chiefs will be riled up to fight. If the chiefs begin to falter (and they do easily not being dumb creatures and valuing their life more highly than most things) then the war-chief will wade into the thick of things to dish out discipline and intimidate through violence the lesser toads

Now that we have all the stat-blocks for this weeks encounter and a bit more of an insight into the hierarchy of these normally peaceful creatures we have ourselves a fight on our hands.

So don’t forget to come back for the weekend nights to get more hobby updates, the final writeup and hopefully something extra, if I can find the time to do so!

Don’t forget to let me know if you are playing along or if you have any questions around how to incorporate this setting into your forgotten realms campaign and above all else, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe