Across the Marsh

Hi all and welcome to a new week where the heroes would be continuing on their journey across Ryokughan – well they would be if not for the battle that took place in the marshlands.

So this week we will be looking at the next stage in the adventure, being the fifteenth week we have been writing for this year (and the 4th month!) we have a lot of ground to cover if we want to reach our end of year goal – So I better roll on with it.

Marsh Caller


As the war-chief fell back and slid into the murky depths of the river the boat rocked and ceased to move along the river current. It appears whilst the main fight was going on above deck something more sinister was happening below deck, below the waters surface to be more precise. A series of large holes had been ripped open in the hull just below the waterline while the ship took on water it had drifted between two marsh islands and as it sank it had become lodged between the muddy banks.

The Toad-kin left the ship and celebrated on the marshy outcroppings below whilst tending to the wounded who had survived the attack, and their chiefs and a chorus of grunts, hoots and croaks filled the sound in a rhythmic tribal beat. Thankfully a large portion of the toad-kin had survived and the crew had come away with some wounds, but nothing life threatening whilst Lizbet was around.

After some time two unarmoured toad-kin approached the crew and were eventually lead to Lizbet and the party. Whilst able to understand common communication seemed hard, body language and communication with hand gestures revealed that these two toad-kin (Kiri and Trip) wished to help those who walked amongst the walking star and could show them the way through the marsh, they think.

The crew and Kyoko both agreed that travelling the marsh would cut days off their travel, considering their ship was grounded until repairs could be made, and it would take a savvy survivalist to lead them through unscathed, particularly the darker deeper parts of the marsh and jungle that lay between them and the port they were travelling to.

The issue is that the Toad-kin could not communicate traditionally but they wanted to take them to someone who commanded the spirits and magic of the swamp to create a charm that would lead them through the worst of the marsh and perhaps find a way to enable the two Toad-kin to communicate with those they wished to serve and assist.

Reluctant to agree they considered their other options, sure that they could find a spell or charm to speak and communicate with the diminutive humanoids they set off on their own, heading in the direction with a compass borrowed from Choi to seek help at the port to retrieve supplies and a crew to repair the dancing drake and get it sailing again.

Kiri and Trip not wanting them to fail followed them but not being able to communicate effectively started to wear down the party and their guides nerves as the marsh got thicker and the sun got lower as the day went on.

I can not begin to express how excited I am for this weeks adventure. What I don’t reveal that often is that most of the time the process I have with my adventures is very adhoc, natural and spontaneous which means that the story grows, shifts and evolves as I wear it – however this week I reached that point of clarity much earlier in my mapping and I am excited to see what I can reveal to you this week as the party continue through the marshlands and beyond.

As I say every night don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for my daily updates, I have a bout of leave approaching and I plan to make a mad sprint to have a lot of my Skaven army painted by the end of the two weeks of leave. I also have a few exciting days ahead for this weeks adventure as we meet colourful critters and lumbering lurkers that wait amongst the reeds and rotting wood.

So don’t forget to come back each day this week and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe