Bog light

Hi all and welcome to an unconventional Tuesday as this week the heroes at trekking across the marshlands to reach the port town where they hope to muster aid to return to the Dancing Drake and conduct emergency repairs. Now that doesn’t sound unconventional by any stretch on ones imagination but what if I told you that I was going to throw the story line in the dice bag, scramble it and then take it out in a different order.

So sit back and see if you can work out the missing piece.

Shamans Harvest


The old toad-kin hobbled around the little mudbank hut using a large cane to support her missing foot as she walked from shelf to shelf.

As she grabbed the last flappy appendage from the dried bundle she frowned, the ingredient was a hard one to locate and harder to retrieve. Shrugging and tossing it into boiling pot she began to stir the green-brown slime until it bubbled with a earthy meaty smell.

A large frog appeared in her windowsill between her and the mossy natural curtain that hid her windows and hut from the outside world. The frog looked at her and began to croak loudly and rhythmically.

“two toads approach you say, its about time they come to see me I am almost out of the good stuff.” She croaked back at it. The frog croaked in return conveying its message more urgently. “What do you mean humans approach as well. Do not think that although I may not move around as I once did that I can’t catch you and cook you up too” she replied as she walked to the window and peered through the curtain of moss. “Oh, you’re right. There is humans there…”

The party having limped, injured, through the swamp through most of the day and into the night looked around the large heavily vegetated marsh flat where a chest height hill had formed to support the only tree for miles around. The two toad-kin pointed and croaked deeply, a reverberation that seemed to dance across the grass and moss and then towards the mound. Slowly the clack of wood came forward from the mound and a one footed ancient, short female toad-kin hobbled out.

The toad-kin looked from one party member to the next she spoke in elven. “These Toads tell me you seek passage through the marshlands, I believe I have a solution”..

Well that’s the end of tonight’s writeup, the hardest one I had planned for this week. Thanks for joining me tonight and don’t forget to join me here for the next few nights this week.

With the Easter period approaching I’ll find myself with more time to go back and refresh some previous posts that I feel may need a bit more. So don’t forget to come back to check what we post here and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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