Hunted turned hunters

Hi all and welcome to a whacky Wednesday where we welcome wonderful whimsical wrenches which wreak wonderment within written words.

Ok maybe a bit too much alliteration.. but tonight we will look at twists and turns and throw wrenches at the current plan to expand and enrich it for our players.

Now the war-chief and chiefs of the toad-kin are gone the peaceful tribes are celebrating hard and long, well most of them. Varda, the outcast shaman has other plans and unexpected visitors that have arrived on her porch asking for aid and she, like all toad-kin who aren’t corrupted by the shadow, can see that they have been blessed by the stars. So let’s not keep an old toad waiting.

Shamans Request


Varda, the name given to her by the last of the elves, looked upon the four adventures in front of them, each of them showing some form of distress and injury. “Well don’t just stand there, come in” she said in near perfect Elven. She then croaked a few deep and rising notes to the toad-kin boys near the humans. “Where did you find them? They have the look of the star-blessed” she nodded and ushered the party, who bad to crawl inside the hut under the roots, barely big enough for them all to sit together side by side.

After shuffling around; an amazing feat considering there was barely any room to stand let alone walk around with one foot, Varda handed a small bowl of the goop she was cooking from her pot.

“So you are looking for a way for you to travel through the marsh safely? Hmm.” She pondered as she sat down and stared at the party as they moved the slop around the tiny bowl. “I can produce a charm that will assist but I will need some components” she began glancing around the party.

“I need the petals of a Longsnout Sharptooth, the feathers of a Mirestrider Kookastem and a drop of star light. The two toads with you, Kiri and Trip” she gestured to the two toad-kin who croaked in response to indicate who was who, “can show you to the two creatures but the drop of starlight I believe you already have the answer to that.” When the party looked confused she nodded and spoke to Kiri and Trip.

“I believe you already met the longsnout and the Mirestrider is easy enough to find if you know the marsh” she said “as for the drop, if you don’t know I may have a solution.”

As she moved around the small hut she eventually found two small vials before giving them the the most trust worthy looking of the party. “Use these for the drops after you have the petal and the feathers, but before you leave I have a question.” She paused as she blinked and gazed upon the humans before her. “Where is the fallen star and can you take me to them?”

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