Hi all and welcome to a Fightnight where this week we are finally looking at the creatures for this weeks encounter, and a bonus writeup.

So I’ve got a bit of work to do including borrowing some stat blocks and modifying them to suit as well as making stat blocks from scratch!

Predators and Prey


The Longsnout

The Longsnout Sharptooth is a huge six legged reptile that resembled crocodiles and alligators with have two large fleshy appendages that are capped with fleshy flower petal like sensory glands. These creatures lie in wait in the water amongst the reeds and use their antennae like appendages to locate prey and lure them in before lunging at them and dragging them into the murky deep waters of the marsh.


These creatures despite not being outright smart have ambushed the unwary in the marshes for as long as they have been around.

While not afraid to fight with large creatures they prefer to fight anything that can fit in their mouth – such as medium and small creatures.

The Mirestrider Kookastem

This curios four legged, mostly flightless bird is beautiful yet stupid and easily spooked. Males have brighter plumage whilst females are adorned with large flowing features that quickly muddy (which causes these creatures to go into cleaning frenzies to keep their feathers immaculate).

Faster than most creatures and hyper aware that its the bottom of the food chain, delicious and weak this creature will run as fast as possible the moment its spooked, normally running directly into the mouth of another creature that’s waiting for it to do just so.


Now there isn’t much strategy to these creatures, the moment it detects something (passive perception) it will spook, run and jump (gliding with its stunted wings instead of a traditional jump)

Trapping, ambushing or shooting these creatures from a distance is the best bet to capture a tasty meal with bright plumage.

Giant Marsh Newt

The Giant Marsh newt is slow but opportunistic.


It will try and eat anything that is smaller than it by 2 sizes, but can swallow and attempt to eat something that is one size smaller. If the party has a small creature (such as a Toad-kin)

Whilst generally peaceful when driven to hunger it will greedily attack anything it deems an easy meal, trying to swallow it before disappearing into the mud.

A few hours before the party met Varda…

The first hour has been a nightmare, sticky mud that stuck to ankles and boots as they head further into the marsh, their guides, the two toad-kin, jumped and walked nimbly across the mud banks but were obviously slowed down due to the adventures behind them.

Several moments of croaking and crouching over some disturbed mud revealed a set of dragging footprints. The two diminutive humanoids were obviously trying to explain what it meant to the party that followed them when a large lingering shape walked between two bushes. A large slimy lizard appeared, well on closer look it was an amphibian.. the more experienced survivalists would call it a newt yet the size was immense compared to thr tiny creature’s that they may have read about or encountered before.

The two toad-kin looked looked nervous but unafraid as the creature stood still and looked at the party before walking backwards into the grasses.

As the party continued on one of the Toad-kin, the older looking one, went back and picked up a small carved talisman that one of them had dropped. The rustle of grass the only warning before large jaws lined with needle sharp teeth appeared and grabbed him between its jaws. The Newt then backed away as thr party as stood in awe for a moment before it turned and began to lumber away. The party have chase, several large flightless birds spooked and flew over the marsh flats quite some distance from the commotion of the party following a giant newt.

Add the party shot arrows, spells and swing swords at it the creature, covered in a slippery slime, moved ever forward towards the water edge before whirling around to perhaps face its attackers it finally succumbed to its wounds.

Slowly something moved from within the mouth of the newt and a toad-kin slowly pulled itself out. Do entranced by the near escape of one of their guides that they failed to notice several birds flying away with haste from nearby or the large figure splitting the waters surface as it approached the bank where the party were.

In a heart beat a huge shadow appeared from the water, jaws clamping shut down on the newt, breaking bones, splitting flesh and the wheezing of the last air being forced from its body as a 15ft monster crashed onto and around the party, its jaws grabbed the corpse and a massive tail beat down and knocked the party away as the beast dragged the bleeding body into the water. Six massive, powerful scaled legs making short work of dragging the creature into the murky depths.

Bruised, broken and battered the adventurers and two toad-kin edged away from the waters edge, the toad-kin sporting more serious wounds as they lead the party in a different direction, heading away from the creature in the water and towards somewhere a lot safer, they think.

Now with the missing puzzle piece revealed and this weeks story fully revealed I hope that it was worth the wait.

Don’t forget to come back this weekend for hopefully another hobby update as I prepare my Skaven for another skirmish on Monday as well as the end of week write-up on Sunday. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe