Lair of the beast

Hi all and welcome to a Thought Thursday. Yeah I am still trying to work out a catchy name for Thursdays, but today I have produced a battle map for the party to experience during this weeks encounter situated in the near inhabitable marshlands.

This can be used as a way to find Varda’s hut, or, perhaps hunt some wild critters to try and find where they are to return ingredients back to the toad-kin shaman so that she can produce the required charm/talisman/fetish/thing to help the party through the marshlands. 

Hunting Grounds


The thick slimy muck that coated nearly every square foot of this marsh made walking a horrid endeavour, let alone hunting a four legged bird and the creature that ambushed them the day before. The large coarse bushes of reeds formed chest height walls that muffled noise, blocked sight and made it extremely difficult to track game. The water between the mud banks were was deeper than most men were talk but you only realised this once stepping into it.

The near endless bank and cluster of reeds was occasionally broken up by trees fighting to survive, dying or dead. The schlop of boots through mud joined the cacophony of creature sounds until a boot stepped on thr skeleton of something not fortunate enough to be lead by two experienced toad-kin.

Kiri and Trip led the party through the mudbank and be showed them where to cross and where to avoid as the searched for clawed footprints amongst the endless bog. The day drew long and everyone agreed that staying out in the flats overnight was a bad idea.

Made with – find here–toad-kin-swamp/

Now tomorrow, no doubt you may have guessed we will look at the Longsnout Sharptooth and the Mirestrider Kookastem as our creature stat-blocks for fight night.

Created in Inkarnate I wanted the soil to look wet, damp and gross so the dark soil with bushes to highlight I think brought a bit of vibrancy.

Thanks for dropping in and continuing on on the adventure across the sea in Ryokughan. Don’t forget to come back over the Easter weekend for more days in the swamp; sadly no Easter one shot planned this time around, but if more random one shots is something you’d like to see let me know! Before I take this time to sign off I’d like to wish everyone a safe break and that you can get a game or two in. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe