Jade Point

Hi all and welcome to Thursday where today I spent a bit of time looking over Inkarnate again to have a look at what is available in their town maps. After some tinkering and not being quite sold on what there is to offer we have a map that will do for now.

Jade Point


The once lightly fortified port town of Jade Point features a large ship yard, without any boats within; the existing ones have been burned and sunk of disappeared during the night, a multi-roomed inn in the centre of the low walled town, several guard towers positioned on the walls – many damaged beyond repair and vacated as well as a still functioning Mill that currently holds many of the soldiers that defend the city.

Outside the walls and rough barricade of tall cut down jungle trees stacked into a rough palisade there are a few farmers houses that have been burnt, raided and are left hauntingly deserted before the hill several hundred feet to the West. The hill is constantly covered under a cloud and shrouded in a dark mist but there can be seen a rough rampart being built seemingly over night with local materials scavenged from the destroyed farms, fences and walls as well as more foreign materials.

Oni stalk the mists and launch raids upon the denizens of Jade Point and until recently there was a sizeable force there to defend the people from the attackers.

Made with Inkarnate.com and able to be found here

Thanks for joining me tonight and looking at the map I created for this weeks part of the adventure, for a raw copy which you can modify feel free to check out the link above where you can modify and download your own copy of the map to modify as you see fit.

Don’t forget to come back for the last days of this week for the last pieces of this adventure, where we meet the mysterious Oni as well as see how the full adventure plays out. Don’t forget to check out this blog on Saturday for a random update, perhaps more Soulbound or a hobby update and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe