The Oni

Hi all and welcome to Friday (fight night!) where I want to have a bit of a look at the Oni, the warrior race of people who have inhabited the northern mountain ranges and who formed pacts with the Shadow, a dark entity who only wants to see the world turn to darkness and chaos.

Not to be confused with the Oni from the Monster Manual (although its relatively close to the Oni Shadow Blessed) theses creatures resemble and act like a highly disciplined, brutal version of the hobgoblin – driven by the pacts made with the shadow to do unspeakable acts to the other humanoids of the continent.

Face of the Shadow


A martial race known for otherwise being brutal and calculating warlords and raiders who capture the more civilised races of Ryokughan for their brutal shadow overlord.

Oni – warrior caste

The Oni warriors are brutal warriors that take advantage of the generally weaker humanoid races of the Ryokughan continent and to ensure their success each young Oni undergoes extreme and violent training and battle drills to make sure they work as an effective army when the time comes to raid the weaker races.

Leaders of the warrior race.

Oni warriors that excel at battle drills and display extraordinary leadership qualities are granted the title of captain, if they survive their first dose of power from the Shadow – a process that claims more lives than it blesses.

Those that survive the rituals are driven to do harvest bodies, information, wealth or anything else the shadow desires but they are seen as chosen warriors – creatures which the other Oni follow blindly into battle and follow what ever orders are given to them.

Born blessed

Oni that are born blessed by the shadow grow incredibly fast, strong and large but despite their large size they are smarter than most Oni, sometimes put together, and capable of some magical abilities.

Able to turn invisible and summon unnatural darkness they live to ensure their knowledge continues to aid their kind, and the demands that the Shadow makes of them are completed.

Inherently magical these creatures hunt mages, wizards and young dragons to drain them of their magical essence and knowledge so that the shadow not only loses a potent enemy but that the Oni Shadow Blessed can gain in power and strength. The oldest and most powerful of these Oni tower over all, bigger than even some giants.

Thanks for joining tonight to look at the Oni, ever since seeing both the Oni and the Hobgoblin in the monster manual I always thought that they belonged in an oriental setting and this was a great opportunity to adjust them slightly to fit how I see them in this continent and world.

Don’t forget to come back for the end of week writeup and the hobby update this weekend, or perhaps a writing challenge (I am not quite sure which it will be yet). Don’t forget that next week is the end of the month and so a end of month writeup is on its way so look out for that. As my brief pause of normal work ends and I look to going back to my office job I wanted to thank you all for following me on this journey, exploring this endeavour with me as I really appreciate it and always get a jolt of excitement when I notice people read and like what I put out there. I won’t forget that feeling which my first few posts brought me and I hope that you will continue to join me.

Finally, let’s not forget, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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