In the rafters

Hi all and welcome to Thursday where we look at extra little things that make the adventure just that bit more..

So now I’m planning on tonight being a short night as I need some time to rest and recover at the moment but I’ll be working on something bigger for next week!

Empty Halls, busy rafters


A tiny claw, one of a thousand, gripped into the wood beam rafters that made up the roof support for the older barn. Below the tiny creature, and is brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles a man walked down the hall, care and precision marking his footsteps. But the creature did not care, a itch made in fumble its grip and in doing so it’s fellow creatures scrambled, rushed, clawed and squeaked as their tails and claws clung to the rafters and each other.

The itch happened again causing another scratching and fumbling fit. This beam was to narrow so it made a nice down the hall, yes, the dark room always had more room when the hawk wasn’t in there. As the rat ran along the rafters voices could be heard, one voice really, no response. A sudden commotion behind him caused a tangle of rats to fall and hit the ground causing the boards to squeak, but this rat was compelled to look towards the voices, watching as the not-hawk man had its cloak revealed and as the young hawk dashed down the hall. The rats had scurried into open doors and into hiding spots, fools. Didn’t they know there was no hawk here, the rats ruled the rafters now. Cleaning its whiskers the rat finally scratched that itch as it watched the man turn into a hawk and fly out the window. The last in part terrified his family and sent them deeper into hiding, but it meant he had the rafters to himself for a few moments more. Cleaning behind his ears the rat settled down..

Meanwhile.. a darkly silhouetted figure opened its eyes, bright blue cunning eyes, and reached for a BBQ’d rat.

Thanks for joining me and sorry it was a bit shorter once again, but do come back the next few days for additional content here and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe