The afflicted

Hi all and welcome to Friday also known as Fightnight!, this week the stat blocks don’t really matter as much as the mechanics behind the encounter(s). We find our group on board the Dancing Drake and sailing towards a port town that will see them travelling further and deeper into Ryokughan.

But what if the threat came from some other place not the of this world, not of the Material plane. This week we touch the tip of that.

Shadowy Assaults


Those touched by the stones known as the Slivers of Shadow find themselves cursed to be ignored and unrecognised until they go through with their end of the bargain – or they can pass the stone onto someone more strongly willed at which point they are released of the curse.

Now I will save the reason why for later this month but those who find themselves on the precipice of being unable to remove the stone because there are none who can recognise or see them will find themselves quickly pulled between two planes, the Material plane where their body resides and the Shadowplane, Shadowfell, where the entity known as “The Shadow” holds onto their essence, their spirit/soul and this instability of planar existence.

For mechanics I want to keep it simple – A successful Charisma Saving throw vs Stealth check OR Insight vs Stealth will reveal the creature to the one who made the check.

Until the creature attacks they are treated as being invisible and being under the silence spell. All attacks against them are made as disadvantage until they are revealed (Faery fire doesn’t work here as its not a sight based clouding of senses) and when they attack they make their attack with advantage.

Now the nature of the creature doesn’t matter, human, crew member, Jade point refugee – but I wouldn’t have them too strong as it already has the party at a big disadvantage. I would have several people, maybe 6 encounters where the last one is two of the touched attacking at once – at all instances they will ignore the party and go straight for Liz – or through the party to get to Liz as the case may be.

Thanks for joining me tonight – it was another short one tonight but I still wanted to get something out to you all while I am still recovering. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for more content on both Saturday and Sunday and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe