A path once travelled

Hi all and welcome to the start of the end of the Month. Tonight I wanted to cover a ‘scene’ that the party encounter as they descend down from the mountains and b-line towards Kyoko with the cure for their problem, well, half of it at least.

Behind Warm Words


As the path from the mountain finally intersects with the road towards Shuimu and in the other direction, further into Ryokughan they take a moment to stretch and rest, having travelled from dawn after their night with the Golden beast – which turned out to be a guardian of the last Monks of Shuimu’s tail, they were exhausted but content that they had finished their task and would soon see an end to this shadow bruise curse.

Up ahead a large convoy of wagons with several mounted warriors moved down the road in the direction from Shuimu. The warriors moved with confidence and purpose, watchful of the surrounding travellers and even more wary of the adventurers as they sat and ate from their supplies. “Hold” a voice sounded from one of the caravans, a particularly looking lavish looking one made from a rich red-brown wood with ornate brass detailing and spokes on its six wheels. The caravan came to a halt in front of the adventurers and several warriors dismounted and moved to stand next to the door as it opened revealing a young lady dressed in emerald green.

“My, my what do we have here. Four foreigners and their guide?” The voice was kind but devoid of all warmth. “And their guide is none other than Takeo, my, would you be on an errand for lady Harimasu?” the lady moved to sit more in the light from the sun, her long dark hair was separated into two long plats that went across both shoulders and into her lap. “What ever would you be doing here, and from the looks of it you’ve run into some trouble,” the lady exclaimed but the shock never reaching her eyes.

“Lady Toshio, we ran into some beasts along the forest path but my companions managed to fend them off and defeat them. We also lost our horses to a beast in the mountains but will make good time back to Shiumu as we are expected back shortly.” Takeo said, a glance of warning going to the party members.
“I thank you for your concern though we shall be fine” he added bowing to Lady Toshio.

“Nonsense, lady Harimasu is the daughter of my fathers childhood friend, I can not face my father if I was not to provide her servants with aid in their moment of need.” She commanded, a touch of mirth touching the corner of her mouth as she spoke the word servants. Clicking the gestured to three warriors. ‘You two, you shall give your horses to our friends here, you can continue on foot back to my fathers castle.” the warriors bowed and retrieved the horses walking over to Takeo and the adventurers “give my regards to lady Harimasu, when she visits us next you can return the horses then” she said as the warriors bowed to the party and moved to be next to lady Toshio.

“Lady Toshio, this is not necessary..” Takeo began

“Nonsense, give lady Harimasu my regards” she said as she closed the door, a hand coming up briefly to wave to the party signalling that there was no arguing the point.

The caravan then lurched on with a moments hesitation before a dozen less opulent caravans rolled on by with twice as many mounted warriors passed on by. After they were almost out of sight Takeo spoke up, breaking the silence. “That was Lady Toshio, as devious and cunning as she is cold. We would do well to make sure that these horses get back to her safely and soon as to not give her or her father a reason to spur or hold a grudge against Lady Harimasu – Kyoko.”

Mounting the horses the party and Takeo set off with speed to return to Kyoko to ensure that what transpired here, the cure and the damning scroll case were discussed as a matter of urgency.

Thanks for joining me tonight, I realised that I had left out what happened to the horses when Shiku’s ape form attacked – so I may go back and correct that this week whilst I work on additional content. Don’t forget to come back this week and especially this weekend for the month write-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe