Omens in the Silk

Welcome to Tuesday where tonight I wanted to do a short glimpse in a window within Shuimu. Confusing? Well let’s roll on and get a closer look.



Kyoko sat next to Siu, she thought so atleast as it was difficult to make out his presence at times as the curse took hold of him. Liz sat on Kyoko’s other side and she breathed in deeply as she lit some incense as she began a prayer for the success and safe returns of the adventures.

A few minutes passed as they listened to Liz’s prayer, “They will be fine” Kyoko said after the prayer was finished chanting, “Takeo is guiding them and the monks are a peaceful people” Kyoko reassured both Siu and Liz. The heady incense caused Kyoko’s nose to itch and a pressure to build behind her eyes. Standing she moved to the nearby window in the room they were staying in and went to open it but paused, a vibrant green flying insect was caught in a web that seemed to shimmer as if gold. A red spider crawled out from a hidden nook within the window frame and scurried across the Silk towards its prey that was in the web.

Fascinated and reeling from the overwhelming incense Kyoko stared as the spider approached the insect cautiously – its legs moving expertly to grip the web at key parts as it pulled its way towards the source of the vibrations, its food. Approaching from behind it went to move in for the kill, is fangs poised and clicking as it went to drive them into the abdomen of the fly. With unnatural reflexes the insect buzzed its vibrant wings and flew off the web, the golden threads intact as it looped around, long previously hidden legs outstretched as it grappled the back of the spider as its abdomen throbbed and stretched, revealing a previously concealed stinger. Jab, jab, jab! Went the stinger as it plunged towards the arachnid that was desperately trying to shake the insect off, but it was for naught. Within moments the long legged wasp was feasting on the still twitching corpse of the spider.

“are you ok Kyoko?” Siu asked, concern on his face.

“yes, I was just watching a wasp deceive a spider and shift from being prey to predator in mere moments” Kyoko replied as she opened the window before returning to her seat.

“Deceit is normal practice in the world, like the spider we had been fooled by the shadow. Your mind is likely seeing a likeness to our current situation” Liz responded as she poured some tea for the three of them.

“perhaps. Yes I am sure you are right” Kyoko replied despite not being fully convinced.

Thanks for joining me tonight, for perhaps just worries revealed in a web, or omens of things to come. So don’t forget to come back the rest of the week as we wrap up this months writing and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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    • thebrazenwolfe May 25, 2022 / 7:10 am

      Welcome! The last 3 weeks (Mays content) were all based nearby Shuimu if you’d like to see a bit more of it