She who walks the shadowed path

Welcome to Wednesday where we traditionally look at twists, changes and secondary story hooks that drive enjoyment and engagement for our players. Tonight I want to revisit a very special NPC that we looked at a few weeks back to tie her into the in next little while of our in adventure.

Layered Deception


As the caravan moved further down the road away from Shuimu she rolled shoulder as the weight from the unfamiliar armour bit into her shoulder – and she couldn’t help but grin.

The distant plume of dust, and the presence in her mind told her that the horses, particularly the one she handed over to the party of adventures, were moving away from her and back towards the large port city.

“Karyn,” the voice of lady Toshio sang out from the carriage. As she jogged to catch up with the ladies carriage and the open windows. “I don’t see why I had to give horses to those peasants” Lady Toshio said, her eyes narrowing as she questioned the warrior. “my father said you can be trusted but I fail to understand why” the irritable lady asked.

“It’s best to have rivals in your debt for little things, rather than having them owe you more.” The warrior replied as she picked at something from under her nail with a small knife. “They look petty to squabble and reject small things but are looked upon more favourably for larger things. Besides I have a feeling that we will see them again soon and I’d rather be on home soil rather than on the road from a neutral city”

Sighing the lady picked at some dried fruits from a silver platter and poured herself some mild wine. “It makes sense but I dislike helping the Harimasu’s.” She muttered after a moment when she realised the warrior was watching her.

“Oh I don’t think we have helped them all that much, just laying seeds that will soon take root.” The warrior, Karyn, replied as she walked away from the carriage ending the conversation with her allies daughter. She liked this form the most out of her humanoid from, other than her own skin that is, and she had maneuvered herself to be in a position of influence where she was able to tip the scales in her favour. Looking up at the blue sky she smiled and began to whistle, a haunting and cold tune that carried in the wind. The other warriors, merchants and dignities that travelled in the caravan shuddered as they heard the tune – visions of things moving in outside the candlelight and skittering amongst trees filler their minds and somewhere in the procession a matching tune or victory started, soon drowning out her whistles. This made her grin grow wider as they travelled further into Ryokughan.

This was going to be fun…

Well thats all we have for tonight, thanks for spending some time with me here amongst my thoughts and plots. Don’t forget to come back each night as we explore more of the orient with dozens of new, unique creatures yet to be encountered and many more sights and places to see. Also don’t forget that this weekend is the end of month write up where we wrap up May and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe