The City of Shuimu, a simple view

Welcome to Thursday where we look at Maps, Extras and odd bits that enhance out game. Today I wanted to put out a bit of the geography of the are we find ourselves in, well this month, and I had a quick toy around in Inkarnate. So a very short one tonight but hopefully it still provides some value and additional context.

City of Shuimu


So I wanted to try and capture the point where the jungle and forests from the marshes transform not the farm land where Shuimu gets some of its food reserves from. Farms to the north east of the city feed the town with vegetables and rice. To the east lies Shuimu’s ridge with the nearly forgotten monastery lying amongst the ridges.

To the north lies Ryokughan proper where we will visit deeper into the country and find what lies in wait for our adventurers.

To the south is two long but thin rivers that connect into a wider river filled with trade vessels, and pirates making it less desirable to travel when coming from Faerun. The western river leads to a large but mostly lifeless lake – due to the salt water coming from the sea and cold waters coming from the mountains a almost shimmering wave of water is always present at the mouth to the lake that many locals believe is supernatural in nature.

Made with, original can be found here – Shuimu

A smaller upload tonight, but it did take some time to get the multiple layers of grass and water (and just the right amount of trees.) so the image itself took a bit of time tonight. As I explore Ikarnate I hope to be able to come back to a few of these maps and spice them up a bit but as I learn the system I will continue to post what I work on so we can get an understanding of the world in which our parties walk through. Once again don’t forget that this weekend is the end of month write up where we wrap up May and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe