Shuimu’s Ridge

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Koyko Harimasu

Kyoko tries to root out the source of the Shadow Bruised and in doing so manages to round up most of them and secure them away. Once docking in Shuimu she helps the party establish some connections for trade before secluding herself away with Liz and Siu whilst she waits for a cure.

Elizabeth “Lizbet” Scaulder

Liz remains calm through the attack, worrying more about those afflicted than her own safety. When she reaches port in Shuimu she spends her time praying for Siu’s strength (to keep the shadow curse at bay) and trying to scry and pray for the parties safety.


Siu sticks with Liz and spends his time on the ship defending Kyoko and Liz. Once afflicted by the Shadow curse (and the stone being stuck in his possession) he stays optimistic.

Choi Fang

Choi is sadly one of the afflicted by the Shadow Curse – unwilling to do its bidding he seeks to aid Kyoko in looking for the other shadow cursed. Once in Shuimu he is locked in the docks with the other shadow cursed but looked after – despite only one person being able to see him – Kyoko.


Shiku is all that remains of the monastery order known as the Shuimu’s Tails, a order of monks who trained in martial arts under the instruction of the ancestral dragon, Shuimu. These monks are trailed to use spears, whips and Kawanaga and the Kusari-gama – striking swiftly, accurately and with the force of a dragon swiping with its tails.

Shiku also happens to be the vessel for the golden beast – a creature that guarded Shuimu during its fight and acted as an emissary for the river dragon.

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