Festive Bovines

Welcome to Thursday where we reserve the update for those little things that just make the adventure just that little bit more. Tonight I wanted to do a quick update and include the Plaza for where we find our party this week and wanted to have a look at what where we find our adventurers facing off against Sai of the Locust clan.

The Plaza


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The Plaza has a central fountain where buskers are busy singing songs and dancing for the enjoyment of those around. Stalls have set up shop here, out of the way and at the back of a building where they weren’t getting into trouble with the houses and stores that also share the space with a tavern, currently blocked by two feuding (or chatting but we can’t understand them) bovine who have blocked the only way out of the plaza.

The stores sell weapons, meats and vegetables – all the things that people may want where as the stores near by consist of a tailor and general supplies merchant who may have some oddities inside.

Thank you for visiting tonight and don’t forget to come back for fight night tomorrow and the write ups this weekend! And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe