Swarm Keeper

Welcome to Friday or as I like to call it, Fightnight! Tonight we have ourselves something a bit fun planned for the weekend and tonight sets the stage for some of it.

As highlighted on Wednesday night Sai won’t deliberately kill a target, unless told do so so, but will ensure that his identify and freedom to complete the mission remain a secret, unless he decides to let part of that knowledge slip.

Sai Tsugen of the Locust


Sai’s unnatural speed causes him to always strike at initiative 20. This means he can get a defensive spell up or try and take down an opponent quickly.

Sai’s dagger is normal, but for the sake of the encounter lets place a DC12 constitution saving throw when ever damage is done by it or the target becomes poisoned.

When we are looking at the poisoned condition I would also put on a mechanic that it can have levels for this encounter – if someone was to gain 3 levels in poison they fall unconscious.

Lastly any poison damage that they take (spell like abilities) would also be the same constitution save DC and effect on failure.

Sai will cease to attack someone who is unconscious believing that their memory should be foggy at best if and when they wake from the poison induced unconsciousness.

Thank you coming back for tonight’s stat-block. As the party get stronger I find myself having to create stronger and more balanced encounters and this, really, should be a walk in the park for most of our parties but it has a few key considerations in there that should still create something challenging. Don’t forget to come back for this weekends write-up and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe