Amongst the frozen pines

Welcome to Thursday where we look at additional elements, maps, items, rules or images that aid and refine our adventure for the week. This week we look at the area the party has decided to camp in as an unseasonal snow flurry begins to waft down from the ridge above to dampen and chill those huddled amongst the frozen pines.

Frozen Pines


The icy cold wind blustered through the pines causing the fresh slow to scatter amongst the bed rolls and tents. The gathered soldiers huddles around the fires and walked between the tree trunks alert for any changes or creatures that were lurking amongst the flurries.

The ridge that they had camped next to provided a tall barrier to defend their flank reducing the amount of areas of possible ambush or attack that they had to be alert to but despite this the captain and a few heroes of some repute kept a wary eye on the steep craggy rock face – experience trumping expectation in this instance.

Despite the vigilance the snow and icy wind blowing from the east brought more snow as the night went on, dusting the trees and dulling the mood. The howling of the wind coming down from the rocks above masked the sound of yipping and the crunch of snow from above them as the creatures that the Shadow commanded moved towards the light, and their quarry.

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The Brazen Wolfe