Feral Tricksters

Welcome to Friday where we look at the content for Fightnight! This week we have several creatures, sticking to my post from last week all (except the first one) are nearly entirely based on their template creatures with some tweaks here and there to make it fit with the theme.

The Nats


The Nat

Nat is the collective term given to lesser few spirits that inhabit the wilds of Ryokughan and their appearance and temperament is as varied as the landscape in which they call home. Some are peaceful and kind spirits that want to help travellers whilst others are malevolent and spiteful wishing harm to all that enter their domain. Regardless of appearance or sociability they are all very protective of their homes whether its a woven nest of leaves, reeds and branches or a grimy hole in the ground – the Nat will defend their homes and will almost do anything to protect their space.

Stoneskin Nat (Gargoyle Template)

A large creature that appears to be made from boulders. Despite its lumbering appearance it is quite quick on foot and can move above and below the ground using its large claws to dig through the ground. Although not naturally hostile the Stoneskin variety of the Nat fey-folk are perhaps more territorial than the rest and strike suddenly like a charging bull when they see a threat encroaching on their turf.

Furred Nat (gnoll template)

Ferocious and malicious the Furred Nat readily leaves its caves and dens to hunt those who are near its hunting ground. Resembling different bestial races they all have predatorial features such as a canine or feline like snout, sharp teeth and long claws – this coupled with the thick, shaggy, unkept fur that coverers their body they readily pick up weapons and have crude armour from things they have killed when they go on their hunts.

Hulking Nat (Orc template)

Thick hide like armour covers these human sized extremely muscular Nats’ bodies. Ferocious and aggressive but less feral than the Furred Nat these creatures bound into battle and readily serve greater powers for the promise of more shiny things for their dens and lairs but also more glory for those who come back victorious from war. Commonly seen with Oni and other creatures that have aligned themselves with the Shadow these Fey are both common and feared across the lands of Ryokughan.

Elder Nat (Hill giant)

While not a normal Nat that has grown to an old age these solitary, peaceful creatures would rather sleep than fight or bicker as long as their few trinkets, normally passed down from family members, aren’t disturbed by creatures entering their den. Not picky where they sleep they can be found in ruins, caves, holes in the ground or other similar lairs and normally not to far from from home. Though not predisposed to violence they can be persuaded with the threat of being interrupted and having their long sleeps disturbed which is what upsets them the most. Their huge size, phenomenal strength and the large club-like forearms they have are enough to turn horses into a shattered pile of meat and gore let alone smaller creatures like humans. Out of all the Nats these ones are the source of childhood stories and tales that warn children to not go into the woods to explore lest you stumble into and Elders Lair.

Thanks for coming back tonight and looking at the re-skin of four creatures from the core rules. This week should be an example of when altering some small details to fit an existing ruleset with a theme can produce a meaningful and memorable encounter for our players. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for a day of musings and our end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe