Suspended existence

Hello and welcome to Thursday where we normally look at additional maps, items and other ‘extras’ that give a boost to the content of the week. Tonight I don’t have a map (interior maps are just hard to do when it comes to spacing) or want to sprinkle in additional items or art work so I will reveal a card that I had next to my hand. Enjoy!

Time to Think


Choi limped through the courtyard as the whispers continued to try and goad him to turn against his captain and Princess, Kyoko.

“You’re wasting your time Shadow, I grew up alone so this moment of silence and isolation is nothing compared to life before the Dancing drake” he muttered, receiving a cautious glance from the golden dragonoid from next to the wagon, Siu. Smiling he was grateful that at least Siu could see him, the golden scaled creature was about the only one who could see all the cursed at once and had kind of become a beacon of unity amongst what they had been told were all that remained, the survivors of the Nat attack.

Moving away from the damaged and ramshackle wagon he move about the people of the fort listening to the rumours flittering around about the Harimasu visit – all of which were lies and made his blood boil. But, he had remembered what the captain had said and as he moved around the soldiers, staff and the well off members of the court when he could he lifted a dagger, cut a belt or tie and otherwise created little inconveniences for those who spoke ill of Kyoko or those who had saved his life, the adventurers from across the sea.

“So I spat in the bitches tea before giving it to them” one servant, a oily looking man of middle age, said before breaking into laughter, those around him joined in and some with particularly fervour.

“Couldn’t find the waxing petal? I’d pay to see the daughter of the Harimasu’s shite herself in public!” roared another man, this one a soldier.

“Good, serves her right. What does she think she is doing here in the first place, taking up space, impeaching upon our lords hospitality like that. The Lady of the house will sort her out when she returns tonight I’m telling you that now. ” Said an ugly mostly bald man, the captain of the guards. “If I had my chance I would slip something a bit more permanent than waxing petals” he snarled with a vicious grin.

Choi had enough, remembering the tools that they used to fix the caravan he sprinted off and rummaged through the box.

“What are you doing Choi?” Siu said, drifting nearby as he entered the caravan as well.

“I can’t take it, these bastards are threatening Kyoko now. I wont have it.” Choi said as he found the little vial that they had used to adhere the leather patch to the roof where a boulder had ripped a hole.

“Don’t do anything rash now, we need these people to help us lift this curse” Siu said, but something in his eyes spoke the same language, vengeance.

Grinning Choi walked to the door looking over his shoulder. “It wont be anything permanent, not what these assholes deserve any way, plus I think the Captain is right..”

“What’s that?” Siu asked looking at him with interest as Choi head off towards the captain of the guard.

“It’s only a curse if you don’t use it for good.”

Well that’s all I have for tonight, the tipping point in this months revelation, well one of them – I did say it was a big month. Thanks for coming back tonight and thanks in advance for coming back each night this week! As always I am humbled at how many people come to read my little endeavour, and for the 20 subscribers that I have now I thank you all for liking what I produce enough to subscribe to me. Don’t forget that I do create daily content and that this weekend is fast approaching so I will look forward to writing this weekends writeup, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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