Toshio’s Halls

Hello and welcome to Friday where we look at the encounter for this week, tonight I want to have a bit of a gap between where we last saw our party and what happens this weekend for the write-up so I will put some mechanics here and see what we can work out.

Rimed Halls


Tonight is entirely based on what the party decide to do. Thinking of a few common items I’ll put down some considerations for this weeks adventure and how to handle it where feasible.


The halls will be busy so performance, and other social skills (persuasion, deception, intimidation, etc.) are just as valuable to the stealth aspect or this. Moving around the halls will have a good chance at being noticed and quick thinking on the players end and a subsequent contesting roll (with advantage or disadvantages based on what the party are doing, how they do it and/or what they say to try and convince those who discover them that they are not up to no good.


Listening to or sewing rumours is both charisma heavy, stealth and perception based. Listening to those in the court, the soldiers, staff and servants or attendants at court could provide valuable information.


Whether breaking and entering, casting spells, sneaking, bribing, or persuading this one is really the crux of the adventure. Gathering evidence through what ever means possible to help prove Kyoko and the Harimasu family’s claims that the Toshio family has been attacking through mercenary companies or conspiring elsewhere against the other prominent family in Ryokughan.


Decoys, forgeries or the real deal – planting evidence to strengthen the point or persuade individuals to side with the Harimasu’s is also an option. A word of warning on making the deceptive evidence too fat fetched as something will be obvious falsified documents or things and it would damage the Harimasu’s reputation.

Other options?

If the party have a good idea this week roll with it, adopting a “thats cool, what does that look like?” Approach will enrich the game for everyone involved.

As you can tell this week we find the parties given the opportunity to sneak around the halls to find evidence or corruption or foul play. While not a major household this manor would be a stopping point before going further North-west and things could be left behind. More to be revealed in this weekend write-up though as there is potentially some shocking evidence.

Thanks for stopping by tonight for, maybe not the most exciting Friday post but still something that sets the scene for next week where we have a bigger reveal. Don’t forget to come back this weekend and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe