The Birth of Frost

Hello and welcome to Thursday night where we look at those little bit extra things that help us weave the tapestry of an adventure for our players. Tonight I want to introduce the Yuki-Onna, and Yukri in particular who we have already met but not know. So let’s roll on to tonights content.

Yukri Toshimo


She who brings the Frost.

Yukri was the most popular of lord Nushani’s daughters, of which he had seven, and was frequently receiving a propositions of marriage from the sons of other lords, however her father wanted more for his daughter and refused all offers of marriage that weren’t from the emperor’s own son.

Yukri only cared about one man though, much like herself he was the youngest of six brothers and came from a prestigious family but his parents were different and supported the sons pursuit in love.

When the young man finally worked up the courage to seek the hand of Yukri she was delighted and openly requested her father to accept it, however her pleas fell on deaf ears and he refused the man request based on his status and nativity. Yukri wept that night and asked the ancestral spirits for guidance and assistance. But it wasn’t the ancestors that were listening as a voice came back from the dark.

“your father will see your love and desire for this man, go to him he waits at his families shrine at the top of Mount Tapaku.” The honeyed voice replied from the dark corners of the room.

“but you must hurry before he finishes his prayers as his parents have found another suitable match ” the voice urged.

Donning a fine white robe and furred cloak she snuck from her families house and took a horse from the stables so she could reach the shrine in time. As she left the walls of the stables the first flakes of snow fell on her face and into her long black hair.

Reaching the peak of mount Tapaku and the shrine she searched hurriedly dismounted the horse and called for her man, looking around the clearing, shielding her frozen face with her hand and gloves as the snow was thicker wilder up here.

A slither of shadow crept along the ground and stabbed at the horses flank causing it to rear ane flee down the hill leaving Yukri alone and frozen at the shrine.

Hours passed and Yukri was cold, beyond cold, she had lost feeling to her limbs an hour ago but walked down the hill cursing men, her father and ancestors. As the last of her strength faded she landed in the snow and as the perfect white flakes landed on her back and began to bury her body she swore she would never let a man rule her thoughts again.

The Shadow watched and felt the last heart beats of Yukri and smiled. Moving in he poured his dark magic into the body and his first, and last, Yuki-Onna was born.

“I had died..” she mumbled as she stood upright, the cold not bothering her any more.

“yes, men killed you with their hatred for your potential. But I see what you have to offer and have given you a chance at a new life where you will have all you want if you walk by my side. But your father will try and stop you. You can’t let him stop your happiness again” the shadow cooed to her as it stroked her hair and marveled at her ice-white skin.

“no, he can not..” she said as she stood and began to drift down the mountain to visit her father for the last time..

Thanks for visiting me tonight and getting a bit of a glimpse at Yukri, the frost maidens origin. Don’t forget to come back the last few nights this week for more content and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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