Frozen Dinner

Welcome one and all to a Brazen Wolfe fight night! Friday nights we generally explore the encounters for the week and tonight we have an interesting one – one where the main big bad doesn’t really attack but uses puppets to do her bidding.

For the Queen!


Yukri Toshimo – the Yuki-onna

Yukri is the focus for this weeks encounter, however she will order her charmed subjects to do her bidding now that she has the opportunity to impress The Shadow. However, she would rather use her abilities and spells to control the battlefield and protect her Lord, Teng, who reminds her soo much of the Young man who she was denied when she was human.


Lucian is fully devoted to Yukri and Teng but will deny Teng if it means pleasing Yukri. He fights savagely and takes particular delight in wearing down his opponents with relentless attacks and expert martial prowess.

Toshio Family Guards

Toshio family guards will rush forward to do their leaders bidding. While loyal to Teng Yukri still holds sway with her magical charm and her commands are just followed as if Lord Toshio had given them himself. Although not all that impressive there is a lot of them and they will throw themselves at the party.

The encounter


To find out what causes the fight we will have to wait for the weekend, but conflict is inevitable. As we had a few weeks ago the aim of this conflict isn’t to best the big bad but its to survive and escape the dinner hall.

The guards form a wall between the party and their Lord and queen (and blocking off the escape behind them – see below) while Lucian charges into the party outraged at the accusations, true or otherwise. The moment Lucian gets below half HP, Yukri (who is fond of her most loyal warrior), will order them to seize Kyoko and the party for treason and assault on a vassal of the Toshio family. And with a room filled with dinner guests who are more terrified of Yukri than the party witnesses to the Toshio’s side of the story will be in high supply.

The guards will try and keep the party at a distance, using longer ranged spears and forming two walls. There should be dozens of them to stress the dire-ness of the situation.

Once either Lucian falls, or a handful (6~10) of Guards start to crumble then Teng and Yukri will retreat up stairs to avoid the fallout and the guards will press forward to complete their orders.

End of the encounter

Kyoko shouts in surprise as she is grabbed and thrown backwards out an open door, several slain guards lay at the door as the Shadow Cursed and Siu took them out. Kuang beckons the party to retreat and as he does so Lucian stumbles to his feat, a thick coating of frost and ice starting to form on his body as his dead eyes flutter open and he begins to push his way through the guards.

The aim is to force the party out the doors, but as the guards and Lucian get close to the door they start to drop, blades and flashes of golden scales can be seen as Siu and his invisible defenders start to lash out to protect Kyoko and their friends. As the party leaves the doorway Siu and Choi flash into focus as they close the doors, the sound of a beam being pulled down to lock the door is heard before shouts of war and combat reverberate through the thick wood. Tugging on their sleeves indicates Sasha (Hana) is with them with any items that were left in the racks (they were gone if the party looked for them), and a few bags as she urges them to follow her as she runs towards the servants quarters. Once there she takes them through the servants entrance which leads them to a few quaint houses near the barracks.


From where the party leave the building they can see that the wagon is on fire, however there are a few guards horses not far from where they are standing next to the Barracks and the party are able to approach them with ease – The gates are also open but guarded so the party will need to deal with that (creativity is encouraged!).

As they leave they hear a terrible shriek and they turn around to see Yukri standing on a raised platform as the deformed, scaled horse (that died then came back to life the threw itself in the fire – yeah that one) walks up to her and nuzzles her hand before staring at the party.

Leaving the compound is easy as pursuit is slow (as there is still fighting in the building) and Kuang seems to the know the way as he leads the party east and away from the Toshio family.

Well there is the second last piece in the twist for the adventure – Kyoko and the party were set to start a family war in which they are a few steps behind which will create both opportunity to grow, explore and understand the continent they are now on. Thanks for sticking with me for this longer-than-normal month and I appreciate you all reading what I put up here. Don’t forget to come back this weekend for, maybe some Warhammer as well as our end of week writeup up, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe