Winter Valley

Welcome to Thursday night where we add that little bit, more, that little bit extra to the adventure that helps to paint a picture of what the week brings. Tonight I wanted to play around more with Artbreeder and look at the view from inside the valley, away from the frosty peaks and deeper down where we find our party this cold week.

Chilling Valley


Created in Art Breeder

The cold, blue hues used as an overlap for the map reminds me of some winter days when I was younger, much younger, moving about the forests and walls of endless trees as I walked the properties my family owned. Cold is a welcome friend for me so I wanted to capture that feeling, an image where you look at it and go “yeah, that looks cold” the kind of picture that makes people in warmer climates reach for an additional blanket or turn on that heater.

Despite not being exactly as I want it to be I think its still gives the feeling for the party – that rocky, worn down path with bits of snow covering to cold stone with embarkments either side of the road with vegetation and trees where we may find one or more spirit folk lurking waiting for the party to walk to close.

Thanks for joining me for another art-heavy night that I hope leaves you feeling a bit colder. As I always say don’t forget to come back tomorrow for fight night! where we look at perhaps what goes bump in the night, or what at least the mountains feed on when the sun gets lower on the horizon as we build up for next week – so don’t forget to not miss a day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe