Rattled and shattered

Welcome to Friday where tonight we normally investigate the encounter of the week and when combat isn’t an option we try to add some form of encounter that enables our party to use those acrylic geometric shapes that keep us addicted to the hobby – yup dice.



The image of those creatures, large and small alike threaded upon those needle like spikes of ever frost was enough to rattle even the bravest of souls. As the party moved through the valley more large scrapes, cuts, and spikes of ice with threaded animals and creatures were encountered but all other evidence of the cause, natural or otherwise were no where to be found.

As the party turn a bend around a particularly expansive spire of ice a sudden flash of movement in the ice and snow gave them cause to pause and press themselves up against the spire of ice, well close to it at risk of freezing themselves. Focusing on where the movement was, their heart beats fluttering like mad, a tentative white rabbit with little stag-like horns appeared, sniffed the air a few times before quickly hopping from the bush it hid behind to another one further down the road.

This wasn’t the only such encounter that set the parties senses on edge as they continued, slower since they wanted to scout the way for the wagon a few hundred feet in advance, but after seeing, and continuing to see the threaded creatures on spikes of un-melting ice they were not going to take any chances.

The creatures aren’t meant to be ferocious or create a threat for the party – they are the prey in this valley just as much as the party and so they will be doing their best to avoid being seen. As the party encounter them, randomly roll and describe but perhaps starting with the boar, then the goat and wolf then the horned rabbit – then it could set the pace between potential encounter, potential encounter then suspenseful encounter before we move on for the week.

Thanks for joining me tonight and a special call out to the awesome person who suggested a name for the village! So far we have the winning name of Laniidae. Its pretty neat so currently we have the name of our village, but two more weeks until I finalise it so there is still time to put forward suggestions!

Don’t forget to come back this weekend, I have a pretty full social calendar for a change this weekend so I will perhaps not get around to as much as I want to this Saturday but on Sunday we have the end of week writeup which will summarise and knit together the content of the week! So don’t forget to come back for that and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe