Cut Off

Welcome to our last Wednesday of the content driven weeks before we tie it all up in next weeks end of month content! This week we are taking a sneak peak at the end of week where the party face off against the mountain queen, self proclaimed or otherwise. So sit back, enjoy and snuggle up – its going to get frosty.

Frosted tips


The wind was the first sign that something was wrong, no more did it drive down the valley like a surging wave that consumes all in its path, no this wind came from the mountain peaks and with it came a dusting of snow. As the snow flakes shone in the last dying light of the setting sun the break in the mountains ahead revealed their way out of the valley and the party and travellers in Jason’s wagon could not contain their relief. That was until the screaming and shouting could be heard drifting down from the sky above.

The party had just enough time to throw themselves backwards as ice erupted from the ground next to them, sending spears of ice exploding from a rock and impaling trees resulting in a shower of splinters. to rain down on the party. Large, white wings pushed the snow and falling debris towards the party as creature twice the size of the wagon landed in the middle of the road, clutching Ester in one of its claws as it stood on the ground – leaning forward a large blade of everfrost pushing into the ground to steady its bulk and support its weight on the ground.

“Run!” called Ester before she was pushed into the snow by the creature putting its weight down on that leg.

“I was told to expect some heroes from a distant land, but I was expecting more from the tales that I have heard” the creature said in its chirping sing-song voice, “how disappointing” she said as she lifted its rear talon to hold up Ester who appeared to have blacked out. “This human tried to warn you of my presence, tried with all her might to reach you but I think I will keep her alive for a little while – a play thing until I get hungry.” the creature punctuated with a snap of its beak. “Now, lay down your arms and I will make your death swifter, but just as painful”

So this twist is simple, the creature believes it self to be above everything, beyond reproach and beyond the reach of mere mortals. However, it does value its life and holds its bargain with the Shadow and Yukri (the Yuki-onna) seriously as it knows of what happens to oppose the Shadow. The first stage of this fight is simple, rescue Ester by dealing enough damage to the creature. But.. more on that on Friday.

Nearly a year done and I must say that I am still ecstatic, giddy even, to see people reading my little blog here. I have some bigger plans for the next year of this blog and I hope that you will continue to be a part of this and keep reading what I write week after week. Don’t forget that if you have a name for the village to comment on any post and let me know your suggestion as I will pick the one I like the best and name it after that. Don’t forget to come back each night this week for more content, and the conclusion of the traversal through the Kunagi ranges, and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe