Kunagi Valley

Welcome to another chilled Thursday where the temperature doesn’t get above the single digits, well in southern half of Australia atleast. Tonight we look at the site of confrontation where the party are once again facing off against Royalty.

Kunagi Ranges P1


Kunagi Ranges encounter with wagon
Kunagi Ranges encounter without wagon

The valley itself is relatively thin, the walls and vegetation makes it hard to move anywhere other than then twenty feet road in the centre. The site of confrontation is pretty straight forward. Creature blocking the path with a semi hostage.

The snow either side of the road is difficult terrain and will require the party to move n slower unless they are used to the cold and snow.

The road, however, is slippery and if anyone was hit, including the creature, they are to make a dex saving throw or fall prone. Dc is half the Damage of the attack or 12, which ever is higher.

Trees provide half cover for medium creature to hide behind whilst small creatures gain 3/4 cover. This means guerrilla tactics will pay off for the party as long as thr creature doesn’t engage in melee then all bets are off.

So you may have seen that I have this as part one, well I plan on having a few stages to this encounter and this weekend I hope to be able to reveal a suite of maps for our encounter. But more on that tomorrow and the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by tonight and for your continued interest in my blog here. As I may have mentioned this blog turns one very soon and I’d like to celebrate in a very Brazen fashion. So don’t forget to keep tuning in to stay up to date and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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