Dark Messengers

Welcome to an easy encounter for this weeks Wednesday post where we put the messengers out on their wings. Despite the messengers out tonight I wanted to set the scene for the party as they travel towards Heavens Reach Castle and look at a little mini encounter we can do between parts. At any rate, if I continue like this we will never see Kyoko’s home so let’s roll on with tonight’s write-up!

Sky Messengers


“We part ways at he next village,” Jason called back to the travellers who rested in the back of the wagon. “It should be a straight shot up through Kirin country to where you are going”

“Thank you for your help, if you are ever in Heavens Reach Castle then you will have a place to stay.” Kyoko said with a smile which was echoed by Hana and Kuang. As they moved down the road the signs of the spirit folk were evident in the camp fires and scraps left behind after them. Wherever the creatures moved the surroundings suffered with burnt wagons, carts and fences to farmland broken through.

The further they moved easterly the fewer the abandoned camps but the more nervous those in the wagon became. The tracks they did find moving forward through farmland and down the road indicated that the pack of creatures was gaining speed. “We will reach the village by midday,” Jason announced as he looked up at the cloud studded sky as they moved down the road, noting a particular patch of trees to the south. “Keep your wits about you though, these lands are not friendly.”

“Jason how long have you been doing this” asked Kuang, a shock for the party as he had been silent for the trip otherwise.

“I’ve lost track of the years now, but this route I have been doing for about seven” he said.

“Seven! You don’t look old enough to be peddling wears for seven years” Kyoko exclaimed.

“I’m half elven, my father was a elven scholar who met my mother when they were travelling.” Jason said with a faint smile “the rest is history”.

A look of confusion graced the faces of the passengers before a period of quiet took over the wagon. After a hour or so of travelling Jason stopped the wagon and looked up “Well, damn.” was all he said.

The part left the wagon and moved to stand next to the old horse. The beast looked surprisingly resilient despite the ordeals it had gone through these past few days. The village ahead of them was a mixture of broken buildings and smoking piles of rubble. Torn cloth, ransacked wagons and skeletons of animals and people littered the streets and yards.

“Well I guess we know where the spirit folk went to in a hurry.” Jason said with an emotionless expression. Moving forward the wagon and its passengers looked nervously around as they moved into the village. Large birds circled the town high in the sky, just below the clouds as they looked for an easy meal, their twin heads squawking at each other as the wagon appeared in their hour of want.

The first specs of rain start to greet those who walk under the clouded skies as the first of the winged creatures descend. The messengers of the Shadow are ready to deliver its message.

A ransacked village that sits outside of Heavens Reach Castle by about a day or two as Messengers of The Shadow circle above.
Ransacked Village created in Artbreeder

Tonight is an easy setup for an encounter. Destroyed village, ransacked buildings with large hungry beasts that want to swoop down upon the party. In essence the scene really needs to set the mood, grim, dark and hopelessness resonating from the scattered bodies and belongings.

The buildings offer some protection, more so than the wagon but they are broken so no where is really safe. The weather should reflect the mood, with it beginning to rain, dark and overcast.

Thanks for joining me again tonight for another transition week. Tonight we looked at a small village that lies within the borders of Harimasu lands and the trail of the spirit folk. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for more content as we continue north and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe