Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche Encounter

Welcome to an Promised encounter map from last weekend, yup the encounter map with the Laelóng after the avalanche. Tonight the map is once again created in Inkarnate which I am having a lot of fun with and do recommend having a go with it. So let’s have a look at the Collapsed battlefield after the avalanche!

Kunagi Ranges Encounter


The windy funnels more loose snow through the valley that drifts down on the panting party members. As the beating of wings that signal the massive creatures descent towards them they ready with the avalanche at their back and the collapsed battlefield around them.

The weather on the other side of the ranges is a mystery, trees dot the landscape with quick growing grass rampart beneath the trees. A dusting of snow, and debris from the collapse of the mountains, litters near the trees settling underneath their boughs. As the creature lands in front of them, haughtily challenging them to make the first move they ready their weapons and abilities for the final fight where only one side leaves this mountain side alive.

Collapsed Battlefield - Avalanche encounter map.
Encounter outside of Kunagi ranges after the Avalanche. Collapsed Battlefield – Avalanche: made with Inkarnate

Tonight I make good on the promise to provide you with an encounter map from last weeks writeup. This week is all about tying the month together and we cant have an epic battle between good and evil without another map to host it!

The mountains this week were actually enjoyable to create. Finding the balance between rocky texture, steep hilly effects and thicker helpings of the snow paint on the flat spots.

The trees are a hard one for me, as always. Finding a balance between snowy trees and the more colourful ones is always hard and tonight was no exception. But I am looking forward to getting out of the snow and into warmer climate if nothing else it will make my encounters easier.

Thanks for joining me tonight and taking the time to look at my Map. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Fightnight! where we look at Laelóng. With this weekend being end of month don’t forget to come back then. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe