The Quaigin

Hello and welcome to the middle of the week, Wednesday, where we look at the twist of the week. Yesterday in Skin Walker we looked at the creature called Mugrave as she had her agents, The Quaigin, launch a series of attacks towards the party. Tonight we reveal some of those attacks from the point of view from the party and get a closer look at these creatures called the Quaigin.

The Quaigin


“We won’t stay long in this village on our way to Heavens Reach.” Kyoko explained as she moved down the street, greeting villagers and guards like she was an old acquaintance of some. “I don’t like the idea of that spirit harming these innocent folk because we stayed a moment too long.”

“I agree. It’s best for your safety and the safety of others if we can return you home.” Kuang said as he uncharacteristically bent down and handed some food to a few small children who were begging for it.

Without warning one of the guards that had approached Kyoko drew their sword and lunged at the princess. The party sprang into action and within moments the guard lay at their feet. After a few moments of looking for other threats the body of the guard shuddered once and a gargling wheeze came forth from the body. As the shuddering stopped the body separated into finger length slugs that crawled into the ground leaving nothing behind.

Staring at the creature, the place where it was to be more exact, the party were unable to identify the creature. Kuang, Hana and Kyoko stared at some of the fleshy slug like creatures as they buried in the ground. Scooping one up and putting it in a glass bottle Kyoko examined the creature.

The skin of it appeared to take on the texture and colour of what body part, clothing or item it was imitating before it was reverted back to this fleshy slug form. After a few moments of it being captured in a bottle it slowed its twitching and writhing before stopping all together and appearing to be dead. “Gross little creature,” Kyoko muttered as she stared at it, “some of the studied men back home may know what it is.”

Walking down the road once more, this time more cautious they met with no difficulty or hostility for quite some time. The group even let their guard down as they approached a vendor selling breads and street food. As they went to hand over the bartered for coin a knife dashed out from behind the counter and after another intense fight another mass of fleshy slugs wormed their way into the ground.

“These attacks are not enough to get past us.” Kuang mused as he looked at one of the slugs he had impaled on his sword. “They die quickly, inflict little to no damage but its the same type of creature attacking us in different ways. There must be a plan or intent behind these attacks.”

Closing thoughts

Tonight is a relatively easy one as it was setup over the last few nights. Having inspiration from a D&D 5e creature, the Quaggoth, I hope the Quaigin will be interesting creatures to encounter. In fact I hope that they will be seen in a few adventures to come.

I am looking forward to the next few nights to see what else I can add to make this adventure feel.. more? So stay tuned for it.

The Quaigin are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what Mugrave will use against the party. I will make sure that we can all be best prepared for the future to ensure that we have fun each week.

Thanks for joining me tonight. As normal Wednesday nights are for twists and turns and this week with slug-creatures I think I pulled it off again. Trying to blend the Asian influence, D&D and my limited exposure to the combination of these things is a challenge and its rewarding to see how many people read these daily posts. As usual don’t forget to come back the next few days for the last pieces of this weekly puzzle. And, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe