Panicked Streets

Welcome back to another Thursday night of maps! This week we are travelling through a village where the quiet country streets suddenly become panicked streets as violence erupts. The party is under attack from mysterious creatures and well, that means an encounter (or two) may need to be made.

Panicked Streets


Rural village streets which go from passive to Panicked streets in the blink of an eye, or a flash of a dagger.
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I decided that taking a look through the farm collection on incarnate, dirtying up the stone and even putting a sun-set like hue over the top was a good start.

The decision to have work out grass was pretty easy – no farm or village where they have live stock has perfectly green grass without spots of brown. This is due to people walking, animals laying (or eating) and even grubs in the ground destroying plant life. So I wanted to reflect that this is a rural sense, yes it has buildings and market tents (or at least fabric shades) but its still rural.

Closing thoughts

The panicked streets is an easy enough gimmick with people running around and looking for a place to hide. This means that for our party they now have to deal with this movement and shift of potential threats. As DMs we need to really sell this. Describe the moment that the panic sets in or just simply emphasise that these people, refugees or farmers are just trying to get away from the spark of violence.

These small details can help drive the narrative of the encounter and enrich it from just being “Combat” to being “roleplay”.

Thanks for dropping by to look at a little encounter in a sleepy village in Ryokughan. As I say every night don’t forget that we have more content to come as the week goes on and tomorrow we investigate the encounter! So don’t forget to drop by then and this weekend for more content. As such this weekend I want to do another writing challenge so please submit suggestions for a theme in the comments below! Oh, and as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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