Shadowy template

Welcome to Wednesday where we look at a homebrew Shadowy template the Shadow Born. Finally getting around to something I reviewed quite some time ago – The Homebrewery where I have taken a template I was thinking of that really boosts the creatures CR from average to boss encounter.

Shadowy template


Tonight is a bit of a weird one as I used a fantastic source creator – The Homebrewery.

The idea behind using a shadowy template such as this is to, simply put, level up our reoccurring monsters and creatures we fight and meet. If the bad guy escaped and got away, but is destined to come back then surely it would be stronger when the party next meet it? It only makes sense that the NPC would come back with a vengeance and a power boost to take its revenge.

The full write-up can be found in the PDF download attached but the shadow born have increased physical prowess with the cost of their life. That is to say that the power they have coursing through their veins breaks down their bodies until there is nothing left. Whether its willing or like in Mugrave’s instance, semi-forced, the outcome is the same. A creature of great strength that carries the promise of death that only the Shadow can bring to the inhabitants of Ryokughan.

Thanks for visiting tonight and looking at the template I have created – it will be back. As usual don’t forget to come back the last days of this week as we expand on the content we have created so far. Tomorrow we are looking at the extra things in life that bring spice to the adventure and I hope to explore some more magical items whilst we “have time”. So don’t forget to come back each day and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe