A place where light fears to tread

Welcome to Thursday night where we look at the extra little things that bring something more to our adventure. Tonight we get a glimpse at a place where light fears to tread, the shadow lands where The Shadow reigns as supreme being above all. In fact that is not quite the truth as there is a being that the Shadow fears above all, an ancient foe.

A place where light fears to tread


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The skitter of feet across stone was a common sounds amongst the shadow and murky light in the Shadow lands. The thick cloud of dark mist that drifted up from the ground created a perpetual shadow that hung to the sky and the rocks below. The creatures that ran, shuffled, slithered or skulked below the clouds were a reflection of their environment. Dark, twisted and devoid of what traditionally defines life for humans.

The Shadow smiled down at its creation. The entire north west of Ryokughan was its domain. A place that no creature wanted to dwell in, unless serving their shadowy overlord, and it was a place that light fears to tread.

Extending its conscience outwards the overlord of the shadow lands checked in with one of its pets, the Oni called Mugrave. Watching as the power it lent rip through her body and power her attacks to beat, rip and tear into those around her was satisfying. But something wasn’t quite right.

The closer it watched the more it became apparent. Something in the combatants that she engaged was dampening her power and she was sustaining damage, significant damage. As the Shadow felt its power being lost with each blow – its shadow stuff dissipating into the air to be burnt out as it left the dying form of its minion enough was enough. Ripping the power out from Mugrave wasn’t an issue, it had done it many times before with many different minions over the years. The issue was the weapons that the creatures used appeared to be made of light itself, blinding, radiant and powerful.

Wonderment and fear touched the Shadow, it had been some time since it had felt the later but as it focused on the blazing weapons and wondrous items adorning the adventurers a powerful presence rushed forth and slammed the Shadow backwards. The power from the items was so intense that it knocked the Shadows physical form backwards to collide with the rocky outcrop it was surrounding. That was when The Shadow felt true fear for the first time in a millennia – not since the war with the warriors of light and the ancestral dragons.

Closing thoughts

Tonight instead of revealing the final parts of my hand for this week, and month, I wanted to touch on and hint at what is coming. It only makes sense that The Shadow would fear something that the humans have. Something that were used against it in the fights at the dawn of the war and with the coming of the adventurers it makes sense for our party were betrothed this ancients tools of war.

But more on that coming up.

Thanks for dropping by tonight. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for fight night, the stat block of Mugrave revisited and how the encounter should go as well as maybe a hint at how it ends out. With Saturday being a bonus-free-form content day I want to touch on “rail-roading”- a sensitive topic for us DMs and our players alike so let’s see if we can prompt a discussion on the subject. And lastly, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe