Mugrave the Shadow-born

Welcome to fight night where we have some insight into Mugrave the Shadow-born and how the changes to her powers through the Shadows interference alters her combat abilities.

Mugrave the Shadow-born


Created in Tetra-cube

Now having Mugrave as a “Shadow Blessed” Oni originally doesn’t leave her with much of a stat block when it comes to being upgraded to “Mugrave the Shadow-born”. But when we apply the template created this week we will gain a few new traits, enhanced stats and, my personal way to make a boss fight feel more real. Legendary actions and resistance.

Now for some reason I can’t access the template creator tonight – so we will just have to wait but the legendary actions are reasonably straight forward.

Legendary actions

Mugrave the Shadow-born is faster, stronger and more durable than her previous state and so her reactions should indicate this. As with normal legendary actions they occur at the end of another creatures turn and we cant double up. So with that in mind we want to have something like the following.

  1. Fast as shadow: Mugrave can use misty step as a legendary action
  2. Counter strike: Mugrave gets to make a headbutt attack against a creature within 5ft.
  3. Shadow Tendrils: Mugrave can target a creature within 30 feet. They must make a DC16 Dexterity saving throw or become restrained as per the entangle spell.

This gives some mid range control, a damaging close quarters attack (and when I can create a new stat-block it also inflicts daze) and a defensive action.

Legendary resistance provides the layer of durability where we see her decide to pass a saving throw instead of failing, up to a certain limitation of course and finally the template and enhanced stat block should make the fight feel more challenging and intense from the last time they encountered her (if they can remember that far back).

Closing thoughts

Mugrave the Shadow-born should be a melee powerhouse after this but to ensure she doesn’t get too out of control I would also remove her spell casting as a result of the conflicting energies within her body. The word of caution to have when designing boss encounters is its a fine line between fun and deadly – so tread carefully.

Thanks for visiting tonight and apologies that I was unable to provide an upgraded stat block for Mugrave the Shadow-born. So don’t forget to come back this weekend to see that stat block and the end of week writeup and, as always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe