Request for Aid

Welcome to a bonus Monday content night for the August adventure. This week revolves around the things that happened behind closed doors and how the Harimasu heiress sent out a request for Aid. With Mugrave being more aggressive in her actions the party need to step up their defences to keep themselves and their allies safe. With this comes the knowledge and wisdom that only comes with growing up in these lands and the Harimasu family has fought against The Shadow for years.

Request for Aid


As Kyoko left Hana to sleep and went about cleaning up some of the debris from Doorich cottage after the fight with the Night prowlers she was lost in thought. The attacks on them and increased presence of the Shadow in her families lands were not a coincidence and she could feel a shift in the status quo. For centuries her people had defended Ryokughan from not only aggressors and spirit folk within their land but also those that dwell in the shadowlands – the tainted lands beyond the wall.

As with centuries of conflict her family had become quite talented at fighting against these tainted creatures. In fact they were the best and that is partly the reason why her family is put in such high regard. Taking out a quill, some ink and parchment Kyoko began to write to Takeo, her spy, so that she could get some of their most powerful tools for fighting the Shadow. For years her family had guarded and used her ancestral blades. Swords, daggers and knives that cut through the minions of The Shadow as easily as a honed blade through reeds.

As she continued her letter she stressed the importance of the retrieval of the weapons and the troubles that they had encountered these past days. In doing so she hoped that she would convince Takeo, and the family members of the importance of her request for aid so that they provide what support and manpower they could and fast.

As the sun rose and sent scattered beams of light through a splintered window she sealed the letter with a stamp. “Kuang.” she called out, her guardian and the commander never far away.

“Yes lady Kyoko” a voice came back from the other side of the door.

“Take this letter and send it home to the Heavens Reach castle. As quickly as you can,” she added, “I don’t think these attacks will let up before we get home”. Kuang nodded and retrieved the letter before hurrying out. Kyoko wished as she watched her guard and her fathers friend walk down the street with haste and purpose that she could trust him, that she could trust anyone but her self as what she has seen and dealt with lately indicated that there were foul plots afoot.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a bit of a glimpse of the actions that happened on the side. These actions or events don’t necessarily need to happen without the party knowing or being involved but they help drive the story and tie in the Harimasu heiress a bit more. As we move towards the end of our Ryokghan journey the importance of coming back each night has increased. So don’t forget to come back this week as we expand upon our last content for August and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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