Forgotten Treasure

Welcome to a Tuesday night special where tonight we look at the outcome of Kyoko sending a request for Aid to Takeo. With her spy looking about for weapons and items to help his lady and her allies Takeo stumbles across some forgotten treasure that are likely to tilt the scales in their favour.

Forgotten Treasure


As Takeo finished escorting Liz around Heavens Reach castle he closed the door behind himself and left her to the protection of the royal guard and several of his kinsmen. Having been unable to locate or contact his master, the head of the Lotus clan, in weeks. The absence of his master was felt heavily by his students but the head of the Harimasu family seemed unperplexed.

“Koshimako has always disappeared for some time every once in a while.” Kyoko’s Father had said, “he normally comes back after uncovering some foul plot or a nest of spirit folk planning an attack at our border”.

Takeo wanted to believe the emperor, but this time it was different and he wanted to find out why. As Takeo was deep in thought he nearly bumped into the messenger that was racing towards him. Taking a step back in shock the messenger bowed deeply and held out a letter. “Lord Takeo, a messenger hawk came for you an hour ago. I have been trying to find you since its arrived as its addressed to you as a matter of urgency.”

Taking the letter from the panting messenger Takeo bowed deeply before taking a look at the rough parchment. Flipping it over he could see Kyoko’s seal on the back, but the wax looked as if it has been disturbed. Looking up to catch the messenger he cursed when he couldn’t find the boy immediately or was it a girl? To be honest he wasn’t sure as he tried to remember something about the person who had delivered the message his mind seemed to have trouble remembering anything distinguishing about them. Kyoko had an uneasy feeling about it but ripped open the letter and retreated to a well lit windowsill.

After reading the letter he clicked is fingers and summoned a spark of magic which consumed the dry parchment. Kyoko was in danger and needed items that were used to finish the first war with The Shadow. Such items were thought to be forgotten treasures but Takeo knew better and knew to retrieve them from the Harimasu vaults. Taking off at a sprint it wasn’t long before he arrived at where the items were kept. Finding the guards standing to attention gave Takeo a sense of relief after finding the seal on Kyoko’s letter broken.

“I come with an urgent request from Lady Yoko.” Takeo said to the guards as he neared them. No response. “I need to enter the vaults and retrieve certain items that she needs to combat The Shadow.” he continued. The the guards moved, breathed and continued to act as if everything was normal but they were oblivious to Takeo’s presence. Then he noticed that the door was slightly ajar.

Rushing forward past the guards his fears were realised they didn’t move or react to his burst of speed. ‘Enchantment‘ he thought to himself as he raced passed them and through the door. On the other side of the wall the vaults contained scrolls upon scrolls. Hundreds of them that documented the history of the Harimasu clan. It also contained weapons and armour.

Approaching the weapon rack which held the weapons forged to combat the dark masters puppets the first time around he hesitated. Reaching forward he grabbed one of the blades, a long two handed sword that was expertly crafted, and as his hand touched it the blade turned to sand and fell to the ground. Grabbing the other weapons around him he started to yell in frustration as blade after blade turned to sand. The armour was no different and soon Takeo was on his knees surrounded by piles of sand.

Closing his eyes he tried to calm his mind through a series of exercises he had mastered from an early age. That’s when he heard it, the slight tinkle of glass on stone. Looking up and towards the direction of the noise he noticed five glass orbs that seemed to glimmer as if containing the first rays of dawn. Approaching them from down the row of scrolls he noticed that they were little vials, each with a crimson stopper that held back the golden liquid.

Bending down and looking at them there was a scrap of parchment that had a symbols, glyphs that were etched in a glowing ink written upon it. The language was a secret one that only the Harimasu family knew – one said to have been passed down to them from their ancestors. As he grabbed the potion he could feel the warmth of the sun that banished the rising dread that he knew was at his core.

Suddenly his missing master, the spy in his midst and the discovery of the destroyed forgotten treasure of the Harimasu didn’t seem so much of an issue any more.

As he turned to leave, planning on sending the potions to Kyoko he failed to notice the long golden serpentine tail that coiled around the rafters above his head. Or the smile of the being that the tail belonged to.

Thanks for joining me tonight for a further glimpse into the behind the scenes activities that drive the story. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as we explore a shadowy figure in the Harimasu halls and Thursday night where we look at some additional content that you wont want to miss. And lastly don’t forget to roll with advantage,
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