The legions of Krak Crowncracker

Welcome to a a bit of a different change of pace from the normal NPC night tonight as I gear up for three weeks of competitive Warhammer. Tonight I am exploring the legions of Krak Crowncracker and what the army list is that I am considering taking to the next three competitive matches.

The legions of Krak Crowncracker


First off in traditional Warhammer style I have the list.

Now to explore the legions I have something a bit different.


Name: Krak Crowncracker

Unit: Abhorrent Arch Reagent

Krak Crowncracker stole his crown from the previous king. Being an older, more experienced Abhorrent King the overthrowal of the old ruler of the courts wasn’t a particularly difficult task. In fact with the support of the Lady Reagent and his most loyal courtiers it was child’s play.

Wearing the dermal robe, a treasured artefact, he is a particularly potent spell caster. With his natural abilities no surprise that he is able to bolster his knights to perform greater feats of bravery and heroics.

When fighting near his two supporting kings, those that rule over kingdoms nearby who swore loyalty to him, he is a potent commander.

Name: Lady Alloren Drakrender

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon

Kraks second in command when he is not on the field Alloren is a ferocious combatant with or without her dragon. Leading the charge and wading into the masses of bodies she shows The legions of Krak Crowncracker how its done. She herself fights harder to convince the serfs and knights to follow her, and her dragons, foot steps. With her ferociousness in full display, and the ancient dragon under her command, it is a rare sight indeed for troops, serfs or otherwise, to flee from the battlefield when she is nearby.

Adorning the Decrepit Coronet she is chosen of Krak to lead his legions, for this battle at least, and the legions of serfs are more than happy to follow her to their demise.

Name: Duke Bryce Tallowswallow

Unit: Abhorrent Ghoul King

Lord Bryce Tallowswallow is ruler of one of the fiefdoms of Krak Crowncracker. Bryce inspires the troops he oversees to fight harder, the serfs and knights are normally eager to prove themselves to Bryce as he is in charge of distributing the most delicious of loot.

Bryce wasn’t always third in command, no, until Krak took over he was fighting wars with the previous reagent. However the demonstration of Kraks’ power, his cunning and his ruthlessness to get what he desired swayed Bryce take a knee instead of taking up his sword.


Name: Bran Hoofgnasher

Unit: Crypt Haunter Courtier

Bran is a huge knight, and a bigger Crypt Haunter at that. Standing way taller than the average man the magic and blessings from his king swell him with pride, fervour and the desire for bloodshed. Normally positioned near the thick of it he is not afraid to bound into melee himself. With the bolstering of his king, and the artefact he carries (the Flayed Pennant) those around him and in particular his knights are fast and brutal first engagers.

Name: Lord Tyson Tearn’swallow

Unit: Crypt Ghast Courtier

Unlike Bran, Lord Tyson is a small and weaselly man. Thin of nature he manages to whip the Serfs that follow him into a frenzy and even has displayed the uncanny ability to bring order back into the hosts when they start to waver.

Name: Luke Bonespittle 

Unit: Crypt Ghast Courtier

Not yet given the title of Lord, Luke is a relatively untested courtier who has followed Krak to the battlefield to gain experience in commanding troops. Whilst not as thin and weasel-like as Lord Tyson he is just as persuasive to the lower classes, coming from one of them himself, and they follow his orders. Given the smallest contingency on the battlefield, except for Kraks Scouts, he is generally well organised and follows the plan to the letter.


Name: Bran’s Burning Knights

Unit: 6xCrypt Horrors

Leader: Kale Ironshot

Brans Burning knights are the biggest of his knights and when they charge the impact of their blades is felt across the battlefield. These knights are the true hammer of the court and are able to smash through and battleline or regiment that is foolish enough to stand in their path.

Name: Shining Tooth

Unit: 3xCrypt Horrors

Leader: Reginald Tongueslitter

Quicker and more of a skirmish unit than the Burning Knights the Shining tooth pick off key units and wade into them without fear for their safety. To them the mission is all and if they can prevent invaders and those who challenge Krak or Bran from reaching their lords and kings then they consider their mission complete.


Name: Tyson’s Fury

Unit: 30xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: Kitty Flayedback

Kitty Flayedback leads the most zealous and ferocious infantry and footmen that Krak has ever seen. With a single call from his horn, or inspirational command they throw themselves like cornered beasts into the enemy and bring them down with blade, pick or axe. Although not as big or armoured as the knights, generally just wearing the colours of Krak’s courts they fight as if they were the mightiest warriors on the battlefield – and they might be just right.

Name: Bolstered Bulwark

Unit: 20xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: Kate Goredribble

Whilst not ferocious and hungry for a fight as Kitty’s warriors Kates are staunch defenders and never falter. Listening to their lords or kings last orders they carry them out to the letter regardless of what crests the hill in front of them or kicks down the gate. Proving themselves resourceful multiple times they have earnt a seat at Krak’s table – good things are in Kates future goblet

Name: Sparrowhawks

Unit: 10xCrypt Ghouls

Leader: MIA

Not given a specific title based on the deeds of a few in the group Krak’s Sparrowhawks are the first to spot the enemy. Generally used as a rear guard to ensure that the Arch Reagent, his courtiers and lords are safe from an ambush. This has however resulted in a higher than average turnover of this specialised group and they are always seeking new members.

Now you may have noticed that not all the names are called out in the list or the alternative writeup for them. This is because characters, such as Vorn Blackblood – my Varghulf courtier from last nights For The Sorvereign, are reinforcements who join Krak nearly every conflict – however they rarely appear on the battlefield originally.

I also tried to explain the role of each of my units as well – some have very specific roles such as providing areas of denial for teleporting (deep striking) or for counter charging (The Burning Knights) or even pinning something down for a turn (Shining Tooth) and their purpose doesn’t really change in the Legions of Krak Crowncracker.

Thanks for joining me tonight to get a glimpse at the thoughts behind my list and what it constitutes. Don’t forget to come back each night as I expand upon my thoughts behind my Warhammer and, always, don’t forget to roll with advantage,
The Brazen Wolfe

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